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Uhm...did I just see what I think I did?

Anyone else out there seen the Four Feathers?

Because whoa, did Heath Ledger and Wes Bentley's characters have sex? I feel like yes.

Here's what happened:

Heath Ledger: Aren't you afraid of going to war?

Wes Bentley: Of course I am.

Heath Ledger: Then why do you go?

Wes Bentley: Because you'll be there. All of them, of course, but you most of all. There's no one else in the world I'd trust my life to.

Heath Ledger then rubs his forehead, staring into the mirror, looking deeply distressed. Cut to Wes Bently asleep and sprawled across the bed, all tousled. Back to Heath Ledger, upset, about to cry. Then he gets dressed, and turns around, gives Wes Bentley a last longing glance, and walks out and resigns from the army.

They -- they had sex.

Then Wes Bentley got up in people's faces for making fun of Heath Ledger for leaving the army, but in this way that was all "You talkin' smack about my boyfriend? Sup with that?"

Also -- previous to all of this? Kate Hudson's character asks Heath Ledger why Wes Bentley's isn't married, and then Heath says, "He's...he's too much of a...soldier."

By soldier, he means 'gay'. And also 'my butt boy.'

*continues to watch, enthralled*

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