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Come unto me, little slashkins, and let me tell you a story.


For your reading enjoyment, I will show you the running commentary on that movie that I gave bexless. while watching it, and you too, my dulcet darlings, can see the absolute measure of cracked out. If you're never going to see the movie, then you should really read this. Or if you have seen the movie. Or if you don't mind being spoiled. Because this -- it's an epic thing.

A little background: Wes Bentley and Heath Ledger totally had sex in the very begining of the movie. See my previous post about that. Anyway, so Heath resigns from the army and is all "I definitely don't want to die," and then three of his friends send him feathers and his girlfriend does too and this secretely means "I hate you, you coward." Then they all get in a lot of trouble while fighting the utterly pointless war in the Sudan, which Heath had the sense to want no part in.

Wes Bentley goes off to war, Heath Ledger stays alone, behind, in distress and then he finds out that wes bentley is in trouble and he goes crazy, gets all teary eyed, and he says "I can't live like this" and so he goes off across the world into the war that terrifies him with the hope that he'll be able to save his friend's life.

The exquisite irony, of course, is the fact that while he's traveling across the desert to try and save his friend, his friend is in london being a hero. I get the feeling he gets in trouble again. Also heath ledger finds an african sugar daddy who happens to be the guy from gladiator who was russell crowe's good friend.

Wes bentley and kate hudson bond over missing heath ledger because they both love and miss him. THE PLOT THICKENS: Wes Bentley may be asking Kate Hudson to marry him in his letters to her...or conversely, he may actually be writing letter after letter to Heath Ledger.

There are varying schools of thought. One of them being the school of thought supported by canon, the other being mine.

Heath ledger looks oddly like Sirius Black. I think it's the wild hair and the scraggly beard and the gay.

nifrantic (1:48:31 PM): oh, his african sugar daddy is heart broked because heath ledger might get hisself all hung.
nifrantic (1:48:57 PM): but heath, his only concern is for wes.
nifrantic (1:49:04 PM): he's all "leave me. follow my friends."
nifrantic (1:49:28 PM): oddly, the sun has made his hair darker.

nifrantic (1:52:34 PM): oh, the faux brits are being awful to the sugar daddy
nifrantic (1:55:04 PM): NO! Did they just kill african sugar daddy?
weefangirl (1:55:05 PM): er, sorts
nifrantic (1:55:09 PM): I think they may have!
weefangirl (1:55:09 PM): why can't i type today?
nifrantic (1:55:11 PM): oh god!
weefangirl (1:55:12 PM): they didn't!!!
nifrantic (1:55:14 PM): no!
weefangirl (1:55:14 PM): No!!!
nifrantic (1:55:20 PM): they definitely flogged him.
nifrantic (1:55:22 PM): Which sucked.
weefangirl (1:55:26 PM): *gasp*
nifrantic (1:55:29 PM): but -- tell me he isn't -- tell me no
nifrantic (1:55:36 PM): oh, wait, here comes, heathy
nifrantic (1:55:41 PM): oh god did they just shoot heathy!

weefangirl (1:55:43 PM): to save the day?
nifrantic (1:55:45 PM): i can't!
weefangirl (1:55:46 PM): NO
nifrantic (1:55:47 PM): no!
nifrantic (1:55:50 PM): You didn't!
nifrantic (1:55:52 PM): Tell me no!
nifrantic (1:55:58 PM): *bites nails*
weefangirl (1:55:58 PM): what's happening???
nifrantic (1:56:10 PM): I don't *care* about the Faux Brit Marching Band
weefangirl (1:56:14 PM): LOLOL
nifrantic (1:56:16 PM): I care about HEATHY!
weefangirl (1:56:22 PM): he won't be dead
weefangirl (1:56:25 PM): he's first billed
nifrantic (1:56:34 PM): god, poor african sugar daddy. he's still alive though, and that's good

weefangirl (1:56:44 PM): hurray!
nifrantic (1:56:46 PM): he's all "fuck, not like i haven't been flogged before."
nifrantic (1:56:50 PM): i think heathy is not dead
nifrantic (1:56:59 PM): but i do think the faux brits may die
nifrantic (1:57:10 PM): which i'm largely fine with.

nifrantic (1:59:11 PM): hey, nice faux brit is about to die.
nifrantic (1:59:16 PM): maybe i care about him a little.
weefangirl (1:59:27 PM): is he dead?
nifrantic (1:59:32 PM): it could be.
nifrantic (1:59:35 PM): ther's a lot of dust.
nifrantic (1:59:38 PM): and a lot of death.
nifrantic (1:59:46 PM): and wes bentley is way not digging it.
nifrantic (2:00:03 PM): oh! no! he lived too! *wipes brow*
nifrantic (2:00:17 PM): he's crying like a little girl, but he's alive, and i'm fine with that.
nifrantic (2:00:36 PM): their teeth are so WHITE

weefangirl (2:00:53 PM): i hate when teeth or too white
weefangirl (2:00:57 PM): it's distracting
nifrantic (2:01:05 PM): i know! i'm very distracted.

nifrantic (2:01:30 PM): Nice Brit just said a prayer while killing someone.
nifrantic (2:01:39 PM): And now! Now here coems Heathy!
nifrantic (2:01:44 PM): Wes is hurt! Don't be hurt wes!
nifrantic (2:02:04 PM): Heathy's all "Dude, you don't be hurtin' my wes!"
weefangirl (2:02:16 PM): *grinning*
nifrantic (2:02:23 PM): oh, shite, Wes just shot heathy's horse.
nifrantic (2:02:29 PM): Bad, Wes, bad!
weefangirl (2:02:43 PM): why? why? why would he do that?
nifrantic (2:02:44 PM): Oh, but Heathy's fine, and he got back onto his horse, and is helping the faux brits.
nifrantic (2:02:54 PM): It was the dust and confusion. He didn't know that it was Heaty
weefangirl (2:02:59 PM): oh

nifrantic (2:03:19 PM): nice faux brit really is going to die.
nifrantic (2:03:30 PM): i think he's a vicar
nifrantic (2:03:34 PM): which is why he's so nice.
weefangirl (2:03:41 PM): vicars are nice
nifrantic (2:03:48 PM): he's awfully sweet.
weefangirl (2:03:49 PM): so are pastors
nifrantic (2:03:53 PM): despite the tooth problem.
weefangirl (2:03:57 PM): heh
weefangirl (2:04:05 PM): it's like matt damon in saving private ryan
nifrantic (2:04:09 PM): they're all going to die.
weefangirl (2:04:13 PM): *angst heroism danst TEETH*
nifrantic (2:04:13 PM): i just know they're all going to die.
nifrantic (2:04:22 PM): vicar just died a lot.
nifrantic (2:04:27 PM): and everyone is so heart broken over it

nifrantic (2:04:36 PM): that htey don't want to close the square, which is somehow important.
nifrantic (2:04:43 PM): i don't even really know what the square is.
nifrantic (2:04:49 PM): wes bentley may now be blinde, also
nifrantic (2:05:01 PM): which made heathy scream and roar with unhappyness
weefangirl (2:05:15 PM): LOLOL
nifrantic (2:05:19 PM): he just killed someone with his bare hands because they were looking to hurt his wes.
weefangirl (2:05:25 PM): in an aragorny 'i've lost my hobbits!' way?
nifrantic (2:05:37 PM): and now he's throwing his body over wes, to protect wes, and to cop a feel.
nifrantic (2:05:41 PM): In a way much like that.
nifrantic (2:05:58 PM): He's crying into wes's pretty (possibly blinded) face
nifrantic (2:06:14 PM): And African Sugar Daddy is the only person left walking around, it would seem.

nifrantic (2:06:31 PM): There are dead bodies every where, and African Sugar daddy is all "Fuck you, bitches. I'm out. Heathy, you comin'?"
nifrantic (2:06:49 PM): And of course, Heathy did. But with Wes thrown over his shoulder, and nhow he's tenderly nursing Wes.
nifrantic (2:06:54 PM): And....taking his clothes off.
nifrantic (2:07:01 PM): And....finding the letters from his girlfriend.
nifrantic (2:07:07 PM): ...this is so very ungood.
weefangirl (2:07:22 PM): eeep
nifrantic (2:07:45 PM): The tender nursing has ended.
nifrantic (2:07:54 PM): African Sugar Daddy doesn't know how to react to this development.
nifrantic (2:08:00 PM): "Wait, once you liked girls? You kidding me?"
weefangirl (2:08:07 PM): his world centres around the wes/heath love
weefangirl (2:08:09 PM): like ours

nifrantic (2:08:21 PM): Heathy runs away and stares out at the sand, calling himself a fool -- a fool for LOVE.
nifrantic (2:08:28 PM): OF WES
nifrantic (2:08:37 PM): I think that secretely we *are* African Sugar Daddy
nifrantic (2:08:43 PM): Okay Wes is awake now and freaking out entirely.
nifrantic (2:08:51 PM): And it would seem that he is, in fact, blind.
nifrantic (2:08:57 PM): he's groaning a lot.
nifrantic (2:09:08 PM): Which makes Heath turn around, in wonder. I think he missed those groans.
weefangirl (2:09:29 PM): LOLOL
nifrantic (2:09:36 PM): Heath is crying.
weefangirl (2:09:37 PM): *imagines us as africa sugar daddy*
weefangirl (2:09:41 PM): awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
weefangirl (2:09:44 PM): is wes crying?
weefangirl (2:09:50 PM): or is he too blind?
nifrantic (2:09:52 PM): he is giving the letters back to Wes.
nifrantic (2:09:57 PM): Wes is too blind. He doesn't know who saved him.
weefangirl (2:10:07 PM): no!!
weefangirl (2:10:10 PM): the tragedy!
nifrantic (2:10:12 PM): But he is now touching the face of Heathy.
nifrantic (2:10:24 PM): cltuching at him and saying "I can't see!" over and over
nifrantic (2:10:31 PM): And heathy is hugging him tightly and sobbing into his hair.
nifrantic (2:10:38 PM): And the letters -- the letters are falling to the ground.

nifrantic (2:10:50 PM): And now we're in England again somehow. Faux!England.
nifrantic (2:11:08 PM): Wes it would seem is permanently blind.
weefangirl (2:11:09 PM): no no no
weefangirl (2:11:14 PM): it's the next best thing to watching it
nifrantic (2:11:17 PM): And Kate Hudson! Code for gay! Is there!
weefangirl (2:11:22 PM): yay!
nifrantic (2:11:29 PM): Wes isn't terribly excited by her being there. He's too blind for that.

nifrantic (2:12:08 PM): Kate wants to marry Wes. But she's so conflicted!
nifrantic (2:12:19 PM): "He's so blind and gay! And I miss Heathy!"
weefangirl (2:12:20 PM): because of Teh Gay?
weefangirl (2:12:25 PM): LOLOL
nifrantic (2:12:35 PM): kate is so sad. she blames herself.
nifrantic (2:13:00 PM): Oh, and the movie is recognizing Heathy's love for Wes. By saying, "He loved Jack"
nifrantic (2:13:03 PM): (who is Wes)

nifrantic (2:13:20 PM): Wes is riding a horse in a ring. In the rain. While blind.
nifrantic (2:13:34 PM): And Kate Hudson smells like lavendar and onions, apparently.
nifrantic (2:13:46 PM): I care not for any of this foolishness. I care only for the gay.
weefangirl (2:14:08 PM): LOL
weefangirl (2:14:12 PM): that smell sounds gross

nifrantic (2:14:19 PM): Wes is hugging an army buddy who isn't Heath.
nifrantic (2:14:23 PM): I don't really know why.
weefangirl (2:14:24 PM): how dare he??
weefangirl (2:14:28 PM): maybe he thinks it's heath
weefangirl (2:14:31 PM): because of the blindnifrantic (2:15:24 PM): ahh the guy is there to tell wes that he saw heathy
nifrantic (2:15:28 PM): in africa
nifrantic (2:15:57 PM): and heathy showed up just to tell this guy "you fucking suck for beating up my african sugar daddy"
nifrantic (2:16:09 PM): "how could you do such a thing?"
nifrantic (2:16:33 PM): I think in the end, the love that Heathy and Wes had couldn't be maintained, and so Heathy ended up happy with African Sugar Daddy.
nifrantic (2:17:10 PM): ....except that Heathy has disappeared altogether quite possibly dead.
nifrantic (2:17:14 PM): And Wes is about to cry about it.

nifrantic (2:17:30 PM): except he's all "Don't tell Kate Hudson until you know what happened to him."
nifrantic (2:17:40 PM): and yeah, it is Heathy/African Sugar Daddy
nifrantic (2:18:05 PM): African Sugar Daddy is all "Don't be a tool and put yourself in a position to die, you idiot"
weefangirl (2:18:07 PM): oh, poor wes!
weefangirl (2:18:11 PM): poor blind wes!
nifrantic (2:18:15 PM): and Heathy is like "help me, please?"
nifrantic (2:18:47 PM): and African Sugar Dady is "I will not be responsible for your death! I care too much about you!" (that last part I added, but the first he said) and Heathy's like "Oh, African Sugar Daddy, I won't die unless God wants me to."
nifrantic (2:19:05 PM): and African Sugar Daddy is all "You're such a fool....my...friend."

nifrantic (2:19:21 PM): and heathy's in jail again -- will this movie never end satisfactorily with a gay pairing of some kidn? I mean, really.
weefangirl (2:19:28 PM): hee hee hee
weefangirl (2:19:31 PM): but jail
weefangirl (2:19:34 PM): that's always promising
weefangirl (2:19:40 PM): in clex fic, jail always ends with sex
nifrantic (2:20:07 PM): Heathy is just in this terrible prison screaming at the top of his lungs, and he found some of his faux british friends, and they're all hugging him a lot and they're all in jail together.
nifrantic (2:20:13 PM): True. This may end well at that
nifrantic (2:21:22 PM): he's hugging this guy who thought he was a coward, and his frind is cupping his face. poor blind wes, all alone and blind in england, not knowing that heathy saved him, only that he had a lotof sex in the sand post-blindness.

nifrantic (2:22:16 PM): this guy is faux irish not british.
nifrantic (2:22:30 PM): Heathy looks like he wants to vomit at the accent, as I do.

nifrantic (2:23:28 PM): ....i miss african sugar daddy.
weefangirl (2:23:47 PM): awww
weefangirl (2:23:53 PM): maybe he will come and rescue heathy
nifrantic (2:23:54 PM): i think heathy does, to
nifrantic (2:24:00 PM): oh! oh here is african sugar daddy!
nifrantic (2:24:06 PM): he's....making tea? and crying?
nifrantic (2:24:17 PM): not crying. and i bet that wasn't tea. but it was a weird time.
nifrantic (2:24:24 PM): i think he was doing african sugar daddy vodoo.
weefangirl (2:24:34 PM): that would make sense
nifrantic (2:24:38 PM): heathy is freaking out for reasons unbenknownst to me. oh, he's fighting for bread.

nifrantic (2:25:19 PM): I think heathy just yelled "find the halfling"
nifrantic (2:25:21 PM): I don't know.
weefangirl (2:25:25 PM): LOLOL
nifrantic (2:25:32 PM): I think this movie might be getting ready to go in another direction all together.
nifrantic (2:26:08 PM): Oh, and now Heathy is sobbing on African Sugar Daddy's shoulder. And African Sugar daddy is giving him bread.
nifrantic (2:26:10 PM): That's real love.

weefangirl (2:26:31 PM): i'm glad he got some bread
weefangirl (2:26:38 PM): and some ASD lovin'
nifrantic (2:26:41 PM): African Sugar Daddy is going to give him money, but no, no he isn't.
nifrantic (2:26:51 PM): Heathy says "I have nothing left to live for"
nifrantic (2:27:00 PM): and "I'm so frightened"
nifrantic (2:27:08 PM): And African Sugar Daddy gives him -- the not tea.
nifrantic (2:27:28 PM): I feel it may be poison.
nifrantic (2:27:37 PM): And now African Sugar Daddy and heathy are both crying a lot.
nifrantic (2:27:41 PM): and holding hands.
nifrantic (2:27:50 PM): and kissing african sugar daddy's hand.
weefangirl (2:27:59 PM): goog GOD
nifrantic (2:28:09 PM): yeah, that really did happen

nifrantic (2:28:15 PM): faux irish guy isn't dead yet.
nifrantic (2:28:59 PM): Yeah. They're killing themselves.
nifrantic (2:29:04 PM): Both Heathy and Faux Irish guy.
nifrantic (2:29:21 PM): But before they die, they're causing a riot.
weefangirl (2:29:26 PM): oh dear
nifrantic (2:29:40 PM): ....it's possible heathy isn't really dead. it's possible.
nifrantic (2:29:43 PM): *hopes*

nifrantic (2:30:42 PM): I think these weirdly malevolent guys are drinking mojitos.
nifrantic (2:30:50 PM): As they watch the dead (maybe?) bodies.
nifrantic (2:31:11 PM): Something's up. I missed it. But something's up.
nifrantic (2:31:31 PM): Lots of dead bodies, lots of dead bodies, oh, and a Heathybody.
nifrantic (2:31:37 PM): no -- not a heathy body.
nifrantic (2:31:41 PM): Not a heathy body at *all*!
nifrantic (2:31:43 PM): NO!
nifrantic (2:31:50 PM): African Sugar Daddy has saved hiM!
nifrantic (2:31:54 PM): And off they ride intot he desert!
nifrantic (2:32:02 PM): Heathy and Fuax Irish guy and AFrican sugar daddy!
nifrantic (2:32:04 PM): Oh god yes!

nifrantic (2:32:15 PM): Well, Faux Irish guy may not make it. He's fallen off the camel.
nifrantic (2:32:25 PM): And no! No! The creepy bad guys follow them!
nifrantic (2:32:33 PM): GOD NO! After all that they can't die!
nifrantic (2:33:23 PM): And they have one bullet in the desert while being shot at, and Heathy is going to give his life for Faux Irish guy!
nifrantic (2:33:34 PM): he insists that African Sugary Daddy rides off with Faux Irish Guy!
nifrantic (2:33:46 PM): Carrying him and running! Oh god, he only has one bullet! Oh god!

nifrantic (2:33:56 PM): Run, ASD, run!
nifrantic (2:34:07 PM): Man, guy's got a great stride, but no!
nifrantic (2:34:10 PM): He just got shot!
nifrantic (2:34:14 PM): You don't shoot ASD!
nifrantic (2:34:21 PM): Heathy's still alive, and he's running and running
nifrantic (2:34:27 PM): trying to get to ASD
nifrantic (2:34:34 PM): falling in the sand!
nifrantic (2:34:38 PM): Cue suspenseful music!

nifrantic (2:34:39 PM): NO!
nifrantic (2:34:51 PM): There are multiple horsemen converging on FI and ASD!
nifrantic (2:34:56 PM): But ASD IS TOO CUNNIN!
nifrantic (2:35:10 PM): He hides under the sand and catches them and gets their guns and kills them so that Faux Irish guy can -- maybe -- live
nifrantic (2:35:20 PM): Meanwhile heathy is getting his ass kicked by creepy mojito drinker!
nifrantic (2:35:23 PM): In the sansd!
nifrantic (2:35:25 PM): Oh god!
nifrantic (2:35:32 PM): Heathy is screaming!
nifrantic (2:35:55 PM): Mojito drinker is either humping him or trying to smother him in the sand
nifrantic (2:36:04 PM): Mojito drinker is definitely kicking his ass, that much is clear
nifrantic (2:36:10 PM): ...oh god...

nifrantic (2:36:17 PM): his teeth are so white as he screams
nifrantic (2:36:48 PM): Wow, Heathy's rage and his pearly whites are making short work of creepy mojijto drinker. he definitely just bit the guy's face.
nifrantic (2:37:08 PM): ASD sees Heathy has survived, though Heathy is now creeipily screaming sobbing and stabbing at dead mojito drinker
nifrantic (2:37:28 PM): Asd drags him away, and tenderly cradles him in his arms, burying his face in Heath's hair, while looking stunned and unhappy
nifrantic (2:37:35 PM): he and heathy stare at each other, and they smiel, now
nifrantic (2:37:40 PM): this happy "oh god i love you, smile"
nifrantic (2:37:46 PM): but ASD is going off on his own
nifrantic (2:37:59 PM): he knows things can never be the same, because Heathy must go back to england and see Wes
nifrantic (2:38:06 PM): he has to take Faux Irish guy there, you see

nifrantic (2:38:12 PM): Kate Hudson is little red riding hood.
nifrantic (2:38:20 PM): She's praying over her hands, and there's red cloth draped over her head
nifrantic (2:38:27 PM): ooh, and then heathy is there, clean shaven and well dressed.
nifrantic (2:38:37 PM): she doesn't seem to give a shit
nifrantic (2:39:04 PM): Oh, but now she's clutching her throat and talking. Who cares. *waves hand airily*
nifrantic (2:39:14 PM): Thyey're in a church. Who cares. Give me Wes or ASD.
nifrantic (2:39:50 PM): Oh, Heathy's just there to give her the feather she sent him in the begining to tell him she thought he was a coward.
nifrantic (2:39:56 PM): it's such a "fuck you bitch" moment.
nifrantic (2:40:02 PM): except that heathy is so sweet about it.
nifrantic (2:40:23 PM): and kate accepts it and they're maybe a little too close to the tabernacle to be having this much sexual tension
nifrantic (2:40:30 PM): she's crying
nifrantic (2:42:25 PM): they're both crying. no one cares.

nifrantic (2:42:27 PM): ooh, wes and heathy
nifrantic (2:42:31 PM): wes, still so very blind
nifrantic (2:43:04 PM): heathy is watching him, all intense like. wes is like "do we need a minute or two alone? do we really?" and hethy 's like "uhm, yeah"
nifrantic (2:43:09 PM): oh, and he's thaking wes for standing by him
nifrantic (2:43:15 PM): but wes is angry about being blind.
nifrantic (2:43:27 PM): wes says "you dont' owe me anything"
nifrantic (2:43:49 PM): wes is drinking heavily. he doesn't seem to really care what kate hudson does.
nifrantic (2:43:51 PM): as none of us do.
nifrantic (2:44:03 PM): heathy is just watching, looking pained as wes pores himself too much to drink
nifrantic (2:44:06 PM): poor, brittle wes
nifrantic (2:44:12 PM): oh, he's feeling heathy's face
nifrantic (2:44:18 PM): he's clutching heathy's face, and feeling it
nifrantic (2:44:34 PM): now his thumbs are over heathy's mouth, it really really looks like he's going to kiss him
nifrantic (2:44:36 PM): a lot
nifrantic (2:44:46 PM): heahty looks like he wants it.
nifrantic (2:45:10 PM): and yet nothing happens. wes just sits back down, and heathy stands back up, and oh, wes...
nifrantic (2:45:12 PM): say something

nifrantic (2:45:26 PM): heathy just smiles at him, and wes comes over and sits nexto him, and heathy puts an arm around him
nifrantic (2:45:30 PM): and they share a toast
nifrantic (2:45:33 PM): to the vicar
nifrantic (2:45:39 PM): and wes just *smiles*
nifrantic (2:45:46 PM): ...aww, talking about their first cavalry charge

nifrantic (2:46:05 PM): now they're talking about kate hudson again. who cares?
nifrantic (2:46:15 PM): ...wes just admitted to being jealous about heathy dancing with kate.
nifrantic (2:46:42 PM): he's doing this whole big speech about how much he hated it that kate wanted heathy.
nifrantic (2:46:46 PM): i shit you not.
nifrantic (2:47:29 PM): and he's all "she still wants you. not me. i'm just a good soldier." but what he really means is "you still want to marry her for reasons passing understanding, and i'm blind."

nifrantic (2:47:45 PM): and now there is a whoel big faux british marching band moment happening. who cares.
nifrantic (2:48:03 PM): wes is giving a speech. and it's awfully sweet. it's about how he loves having friends nearby.
nifrantic (2:48:06 PM): like, naked, in bed.
nifrantic (2:48:20 PM): faux irish guy apparently got better.
nifrantic (2:48:28 PM): wes just said "in battle, we fight for the man on our left."
nifrantic (2:48:34 PM): and heathy looked up at him, all in love.
nifrantic (2:48:46 PM): but the way wes said it was "we fight for the man that we -- on our left"
nifrantic (2:49:20 PM): and then he says "all that matters in the end is the memory of having those men....by your side"
nifrantic (2:49:24 PM): by which he meant "in your bed"

nifrantic (2:49:40 PM): oh, god. now kate and heathy are being weirdly lovey dovey. who cares.
nifrantic (2:49:50 PM): i think heathy is secretely pining for african sugar daddy
nifrantic (2:50:01 PM): oh, she's holding his hand. who cares. i don't.
nifrantic (2:50:41 PM): he quotes african sugar daddy and laughs, and says "i have no choice, you see, god put you in my way" as a means of sayiing "all right. fine i'll marry you." and then it cuts to african sugar daddy looking loenly in the desert.
nifrantic (2:51:09 PM): *flails and flops around*


The end.

At the end of the movie, I was very conflicted as to who to ship. bexless was not. She's all about the Wes/Heathy. Me? I've got a soft spot for African Sugar Daddy.

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