pure FORESHADOWING (nifra_idril) wrote,

Status Report

When do you leave?: Tomorrow.
How much do you have to pack?: Oh.....mountains.
How much *have* you packed?: .....*kicks at dirt* You know. Stuff.
Define 'stuff': Nothing, all right, nothing! Jeez. You happy now?
What have you done this morning?: I made the perfect cup of coffee. And also watched Dawson's Creek. Jack, apparently, is gay. Huh. Who knew?
And your plans for the afternoon?: Shopping.
So you plan to introduce more things into your packing pool?: Shuttup. I need it.
Need?: ....want. No, no, need, damn you!
You expect us to believe that?: Yes. Yes. I do.
Why?: Mainly because....hey! Look over there! A distraction!
So tonight you'll be packing then?: I -- well -- after the hanging out. With my friends.
How long will that last?: Possibly hours and hours.
So you'll leave yourself how long to pack?: I....damn. I have no idea.
This is bad, bad planning. You realize that, right?: *shoulders slump* Yes.

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