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Denial, Anger, Sorrow, Bargaining, Acceptance

The Five Stages of My Writer's Block Tonight

10: 00 pm - It's not that I can't write right now. It's just that I have found new ways to explore my crush on Ioan Gruffudd and wanted to do a ridiculous poll. I mean, God, why would I want to write when I could be doing that? How foolish. I'll just keep doing this for a few hours and stare and stare and stare...

11: 00 pm - Except that that's boring, dammit! I don't want to stare! I've stared at everything already! I want new things to stare at! Like words! Written by me! I love writing words! One letter after the other! One word after the other! One sentence after the other! It's like leggos, but abstract! And less colorful! And I haven't done it in days ! That sucks!

12: 00 am -It sucks so much I'm going to cry . Writing is all that matters to me, and not writing feels like death I tell you, death . But what's the point anyway? My writing is never going to be as good as I want to it to be. It's an impossible goal to attain, and besides, I should be writing on the original stories just sitting on my hard drive that I'll never finish because I have no talent and am a hack.

1: 00 am - What if I just wrote a tiny ficlet? Just one tiny ficlet. Could I manage that? Could I write like, a drabble? About, about, about Clark feeling guilty about something? I can usually do that. That's my bread and butter, baby. Well, huh, if I can't do that, maybe I could just -- write a couple of opening sentences. Get that done at least. Maybe I could do that.

2:00 am - I am not going to write anything tonight, no matter how much I want to. Also, I am a ridiculously melodramatic human being. I need to chill out . And, ooh, hey, is that candy?

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