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belly of a black winged bird

I started to do the fandom fridge meme, but it turned into the fandom banquet, and I started to feel like I was hiding in the corner, furtively stuffing my face filled with fandomy chocolate cake, and that made me uncomfortable.

So just know that Ioan Gruffudd is the dark chocolate covered raspberry of my life, no matter what his role. (Though in King Arthur, he's the dark chocolate covered raspberry dipped in cyanide -- "What an interesting taste sensation this is I think I'll just --: *falls down absolutely dead from the toxicity*) Also, West Wing is the perky peppermint patty.

Anyway, I'm now going to compile a list of things that make me happy:

1. Porn

2. Fuzzy socks

3. My cinnamon toothpaste.

4. Porn.

5. My shiny, shiny hair.

6. My comfy, comfy bed.

7. Singing loudly in public.

8. Bob Dylan.

9. My purple flower scented moisturizer.

10. Porn.

Yup. All of those things are pretty great.

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