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Rage Day.

Today I am one with the Rage. The Rage and I have merged. I'm surprised I'm not walking around jerkily with red eyes trying to kill people. I may in fact be one of the Infected.

I want to destroy Tokyo. I want to feel buildings collapse beneath my feet. I want to scream and scream and throw things.

I say, we should make today The Day of Rage. Get in touch with your inner angry. Break a pencil. Do something non-constructive. Pout. Flop around sullenly.

Or, be like me, and pick something random and stupid to get entirely too worked up over and then rant about it all day long. My rant of choice at the moment is the fact that I was too fucking stupid to buy the right kind of tape to put up things on my wall. It makes the pictures bunch and look weird and I hate it. Fucking tape! It fucking blows! I want to light it on fire! Aaaaaaah!

This post brought to you by how much the past few weeks have sucked.
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