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Several things.


2. Ioan Gruffudd. He's hot. You know it. You love it. Yeah, me too.

3. Guinevere/Lancelot/Arthur -- Keira and Clive and Ioan are pretty to think about in those positions, but just the characters themselves from Mallory's Le Morte D'Arthur are hot enough. Good God, Lancelot wants Guinevere so much that he slices his hands to the bone, only to be with her, and says not a word about it. Instead, he sits beside her, and watches her sleep after they make love -- once, only once -- and then he leaves in the morning. And Arthur's love for both Lancelot and Guinevere is so pure, so incandescent, it's the kind of love that makes them perhaps better than they are. I get shivers. Shivers, I tell you.

Also, PS: I still love Smallville. I just can't write anything any more. I think my imagination is very, very broken.

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