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Odd thoughts and pocket change and BRAINS

There are eleven cents in my pocket. I want to give it to Tim Bayliss.

I want to start by thanking all of you who gave me hugs and condolences -- it really meant more to me than I can adequately express by saying 'thank you.'

The past few days have been...odd. I think typing that up about my Nana made everything a little easier to hold, and I haven't been desperately unhappy. Actually, I've had a few pretty damned good days in a row, and I've been in a fairly good mood. I was feeling guilty about that earlier, but, you know what? I don't want to look back on my life and see that I've been making a spectacle of emotion rather than actually feeling it. So good mood it is, and I know that Nana would agree with me. If only because she didn't have patience for people who are dishonest with themselves -- a character trait I am so *glad* to have picked up from her.

I think about her a lot, and I *am* sad, but...the only two things that have been abnormal about my day to day life recently are a) I haven't really written much in the past few days. (Ask lyra_sena, it's *bizarre* for a Niflet like me to go so long without committing vast amounts of word to paper), and I haven't really slept much. By which I mean to say last night I didn't sleep at all, and the night before that I got four hours.

This may mean that I'm not dealing as well as I think I am. However, I don't think it does. The past few nights when I haven't been sleeping, I've been thinking a lot. Sort of...sifting through a lot of things in my life. And I feel like Nana's given me *yet one more thing* to be grateful for, in that I'm really *looking* at everyone in my life for the first time in a long time. And I'm really paying attention to what's going on with me. And all of these things are *good*.

Today I feel like something...clicked, and for the first time since Saturday, I'm *really* tired right now. So after this post? I'm going to hop into bed and I'm going to sleep for a full six hours, and in the morning, the sun will have come up and hopefully, I'll be in a good mood again, and work will go well, and maybe it'll hurt a little less that I won't see Nana again. I'm ready for that to take a while, though.

Now. Moving on, because, really? I have been in a good mood. I and have been moving on. And my friends decided that part of moving on? Was to go see Pirates of the Caribbean...*again.*

Yeah. I know.

And I feel that having seen it twice gives me every right to do a movie reivew. Of sorts.

Now, I could be coherent right now, and talk about the ins and outs of the plot line and how it bothered me *throughout the entire movie* that there were HUGE GAPING HOLES in the sails of the Black Pearl or the way that the actress who played Elizabeth Swann always looked like she was ready to bite into something...

Now, I know what everyone's thinking -- here she goes, yammering on and on and on about how Jack Sparrow and Will Turner should just rip off all of their clothing and stop smacking steel phalluses and get down to the real thing...but in reality? On second viewing, I came to a conclusion. *insert drumroll here*

Will Turner is *totally* straight, yo.

Not in a Clark-likes-Lana way, but...he's just. Straight. He loves him some Elizabeth. Sure, he may have indulged in a little hanky-panky on the way to Tortuga, but really, Jack Sparrow is one of those people who isn't carbon based, they're sex-based. And there's no one on God's green earth that could - or even should be *expected* to - resist him. Especially if said person is stuck with Jack Sparrow *alone* on a boat for mutliple days. So, yes. There be some slash there, me maties. Avast.

But, for me? Where the *real* interesting slash was? Northington and Sparrow. Seeing it the second time around -- Northington? Totally a woobie.

Like, just the woobie-est little white-wigged man *ever*. And? Tension with Sparrow and the movie ends with Northington saying he's going to follow Sparrow, so...*claps hands together* They'll find each other again. And there will be sparks. Because Northington's got that dry, dry wit and stiff upper lip and all that nonsense and Jack Sparrow's got...his Jack Sparrowness.

And when they're together? We all have magic.

I know, I know, you're saying, 'But what about Orlando?' Yes, Orlando Bloom is a lovely, fine specimen of manhood. But? He's just so...I don't know. Not sparky in this movie. Which was dissappointing.

But then, how could he really be expected to be when sharing the screen with Jonny Depp? (Also - bear in mind: tired. no spelling for the Nif when tired...Nifra SMASH spelling! *wanders around like giant Godzilla in spelling land, destroying all semblance of actual correct spelling*) The actress (she who's name I know not, as I now christen her) who played Elizabeth Swann did an *excellent* job of sharing screen time with JD and not being overshadowed. *pets* I liked her in general, though -- in Bend it Like Beckham, too.

Also? OB's character? About as interesting as Jonathan Kent doing the Smallville Daily News' crossword puzzle on a Sunday afternoon. Which is to say, rather boring indeed.

On the whole, I found the movie to be *quite* enjoyable. It had really good sword fights -- I felt that my swash was buckled -- it had neat costuming, interesting special effects (especially in the end when Geoffery Rush's character was fighting JD's character and they kept stepping into and out of the moonlight) and also? It had ZOMBIES. Which improve *everything.* But, they didn't stop at ZOMBIES (mm! Brains!) they even had a ZOMBIE MONKEY!

Fucking Brilliant!

Ahem. Right. Back on track. Yes, the movie did have huge plot holes and silly consistency errors and dialogue that gives me hope that I may make it in this world yet, because this is the *edited* version of that script -- but I had *fun* and wanted to see more Jack Sparrow. Like, Jack Sparrow *all the time*. I want a Jack Sparrow movie.

Preferebly one with him getting it on with Commodore Northington. *looks around hopefully for slash writers working on that pairing* Takers?

But...most of all...ZOMBIE MONKEY!!

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