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26 September 2004 @ 03:30 pm
Round it up.  
All right. So you know those days that you have where you feel really hot and sexy and then all of a sudden you trip and fall and flash that really good looking guy? Yeah, well, today I was feeling the hot, feeling the cute, and then all of a sudden? The button on my jeans popped.

This is either a sign from God that I a) need to lose weight, and do it NOW or b) stop buying cheap ass jeans. I can't tell which. But it concerns me, nonetheless.

Also -- I just read thamiris' really thought provoking post about Fannish Identity as Text . Now, this is something I think about ALL THE DAMNED TIME. It's not a worry, so much, as a curiosity and I think it's something that we're not aware of as we type up these entries/read our flist. Because everything we put into these livejournals is another clue as to the real flesh and blood person typing, and I think that part of the reason there are such misinterpretations is that LJ posts are heavily filtered in terms of what they let through of the author. I mean, I know I think sometimes that I come across as a fandom puppy of sorts -- all wagging tale and bouncing exuberance. Which, you know, is not wholly inaccurate. I am that sometimes. But -- gah. I really don't know where I'm going with this. *laughs* Mainly just this is something that gets me thinking a lot, and I think that LJ freaks me out a great deal of the time, because I can't get an accurate picture of myself or anyone else, really, by reading it.

*furrows brow* I didn't say one thing that made sense in that whole paragraph. Well, *grins* go read Tham's entry -- she says it more eloquently than I can.
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Current Music: Undercover Of The Night - The Rolling Stones
veredusveredus on September 27th, 2004 01:26 am (UTC)
i'd say get better quality jeans. the same thing happend to me four years ago at a hot, new club and i was feeling really sexy and alluring in my pleather pants--what was i thinking--when my button popped off. my date was actually very nice about it and we stayed and danced anyway, but i never trusted pleather after that night.

and as for fannish identity, i think the worry comes when posters believe that their readers assume that that is all the cummulation of your personality and experiences. and i think most people are aware that ljs provide only a small sliver of insight into a person, and certainly is no basis to judge an entire existence.

besides, as we shape our ljs, i think people definitely start setting boundaries of what they feel comfortable saying in lj and what they are not. that becomes more of an issue the larger your friendlist grows and you become aware that you have an audience. but all in all, i think most people don't really dubb others with a certain label so much as having vague impressions of what you are going to get from an lj.

okay, i'm not sure if i even made a point, but i hope you were at least entertained. meh...