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Ohmygod I finally saw Crusade.

1. Lois makes me happier than I can even imagine. I was so very very afraid what would be done to her by SV -- I mean, let's face it, the show ain't great for its ladies. But ED does a great job with her and she's the perfect little firecracker. Love. It. Also, I love her and Clark together, and I love that she loves nerds in glasses. There's something about that that's very sweet, somehow. Also: her little bit about 'I hate weakness' while sitting at Chloe's grave seemed very right to me, given that Lois traditionally is kind of a ball breaker trying to make it in a man's world. That fear of vulnerability is totally playing into the Lois we know and love. So, happy all around there.

Also, PS: She is SO PRETTY. Must. Have. Lois. Icon. *drools*

2. Could Clark be prettier? I mean, could he? Also, love the Kal vs. Clark action. Mmm, dueling twins.

3. The Lex and Lionel scene was -- as they always are -- really fraught and great. PS, wtf is Lionel doing being hot? I mean. Whoa, dude. He's built. And that freaks me out.

4. I really dig on the fact that Jensen and Kristin have chemistry. And my love for Jensen goes way back, but boy, do I ever think he did a good job here. They were cute together. I didn't get whole thing about Lana's world suddenly being filled with yellow, or the whole bizarro Lana-softcore-shower sequence. But. You know. Whatever.

I still can't get over the whole Lana is the warrior princes(XENA!) thing, though the tattoo is hot.

5. The Margot Kidder scene made me think a lot as I watched, because here's the thing: this woman is what Martha might have been if she'd stayed in Metropolis. And it makes me wonder if Martha was thinking that, too.

6. The Lois and Lionel scene was easily my favorite part of the entire episode. I mean, whoa. That was way way tense and wonderful. Loved. It.

7. The flying thing/Lex plot really didn't do it for me, beyond the fact that in the first season Lex was a scientist, and now he seems to be Indiana Jones. Which I find to be a very interesting leap. But, you know. He's pretty, so it's cool.

8. In conclusion: I love this show.

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