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Tame that savage beast.

In the spirit of svmadelyn, I give to you MUSIC. There would have been a great deal MORE music, but yousendit started sucking syphalitic goat cock, and I couldn't make it stop. *shrugs* Ain't much a Nif can do when that happens beyond throw a temper tantrum. Which, oh believe me, I'm currently doing.

*kicks yousendit for a good long time*.

Anyway, here's HALF of what I had originally wanted to put in this post. *growls*:

1. Venus - AIR Really low key, and not overly electronic which AIR sometimes is (though I love AIR to little bitty pieces anyway).

2. Future Boy - Turin Brakes - .For slodwick, but also because Turin Brakes owns me. This song makes me think of Clark, for obvious reasons. But also, it's just a really pretty song, as Turin Brakes songs tend to be.

Fucking Yousendit. *kicks and kicks and kicks*

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