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29 September 2004 @ 01:22 am
A themed music post. Woot!  
Yousendit is now my bitch. I am victorious!

Songs that make me think of due South and very vague justifications as to why:

1. For You - Barenaked Ladies : This song is Fraser. This song is so Fraser it's retarded. No, really. If you have any interest in due South *whatsoever* I demand, demand demand that you download this song. Right now. Do it. *taps foot*

And if you don't -- then download it anyway. Becuase here's the thing: it's a really sweet, kind of sad song that's a little folky. You'll like.

2. Rain King - Counting Crows : A good acoustic version of this song, and I love these lyrics like whoa. And any song with the phrase 'in the service of queen' makes me go 'Fraser?' It's pavlovian at this point.

3. Cannoball - Damien Rice : This song could maybe be applicable to any pairing in the world, and it's really pretty, and I love it, and it gets stuck in my head ALL THE TIME, but. Uhm. Yes. Good song.

4. The Stranger - Melissa Ferrick : Ahh, folky college girl music. But this is angry enough to make me think of Rayk in places, and in others it makes me think of Fraser, but it's good. You should download it.
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Current Music: You Better You Bet - The Who
indywind on October 5th, 2004 05:29 am (UTC)
dyke music for the DS boys
It sorta works, in a wierd bassackwards way...

She's Saving Me, Indigo Girls. Imagine Fraser taking tea in a little hole in the wall coffee shop, scribbling in his (it is Not a diary, Ray, honestly--) journal, this playing on the stereo like the voice of his subconscious. With the wrong pronouns, but can I help that?

And that mental image having wiped my brain clear, that's all I can thin of just now.