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dear today,

what's your issue, man? I'm all flouncing around in a good mood and then suddenly you gotta make me think about my future and thusly flip out? What's that about?

No Love,



Okay, bear in mind that I still haven't really seen the third or second episodes of SV, and may be entirely wrong, and if so, please feel free to tell me. But, here's a list of speculations/thoughts.

1. The Rift: Once I thought that the Rift would end up being finalized over the death of Lionel Luthor -- that either Clark or Lex would end up having to kill him, and that would cement forever the death of their friendship. Not so anymore, bugaloos. Lionel will -- naturally -- I think still play a pretty large role in the eventual Rift-ization of our intrepid young heros, but I think that in the end the biggest fallout is going to be over the Kawatchee caves.

When they first showed up in Skinwalker, I was like "Wtf, mate? Indian alien cave bullshit? Send it back ot the factory!" and I don't think I was the only one. However, those caves have become so ridiculously, retardedly fraught for both Clark and Lex that I feel like they're what we're really looking at in terms of catalyzing factor.

My theory: First off, the caves hold the secret to Clark's kryptonian past, and are -- in my opinion -- the Fortress of Solitude. This fortress is what Lex is looking for, the source of knowledge above and beyond all other sources, or whatever that can heal his poison business. And, additionally, Lionel's got an interest in them, so of course Lex wants them. On top of that, Jor-El *lives* in the caves (and btw, when the fuck are they going to make Jor-El make sense and mesh his characterization up with Joe, huh? huh?), and that in and of itself is a big deal. So, the manipulative fathers are going to wrangle the sons into position for a power struggle over the caves, wherein Lex will be suspicious of Clark due to Clark's obvious lying and all like that, and Clark will be suspicioius of Lex due to the creepy blue room.

2. Lionel will die by the end of the series, and I think it will be by Lex's hand. If the falling out will happen in the caves, Lex's final, irretrievable step toward the dark side will be patricide.

3. Chloe is either Hope or Mercy. Seriously, y'all, I said it this summer, and I'll say it again; girl's going to be Lex's. And, btw, can I just take a moment to be like, "Hmm, I totally called it?" with Chloe and Lex being together all summer? Yes, that's right, I even wrote a fic about it, if you may recall....In the Between. *end gloating*

4. I worry that they're going to do something weird with Jason because I def. like him.

5. I find it interesting that they're putting together Clark and Lois' relationship in such a way that Lois basically will know that Clark is superman. Like Lex, she's going to have suspicions like whoa, and I kind of like that -- I like the idea of a future triad with the public secret.

6. Lionel loves Lex. Now, you're all like, "Wtf, Nif?" but here's the thing: Lionel's a sociopath, it's true, so the idea of him really and truly loving someone else is a strange one, but hear me out. In Crusade when Lionel comments on Lex's health, he does so in a way that pings as real and true parental concern to me. I don't think he poisoned Lex, and I think that he's finally starting to love Lex the way Lex always wanted.

Not for Lex, however, but for himself -- he's dying, you see, and Lex is his contingency plan. He loves Lex because Lex is an extension of himself, and he is only capable of loving himself, and now he's seeing himself in Lex more and more.

On a related tanget, I'd say his relationship with Morgan (slashy or otherwise) is based on largely the same principle: Lionel loved Morgan because Morgan was a part of Lionel, in Lionel's head. Lionel and Morgan were invincible because they were one, and that's what he feared most between Clark and Lex -- now remember, Lionel has really only ever interacted with Clark when Clark was in Kal mode so he has a very different idea of who Clark is than one would normally have. (And yes, I'm referring to Clark and Lionel's interactions in Shattered/Asylum, where Clark was very obviously channeling Kal into his interactions so as to be more intimidating.)

Fannish Musings Two: due South

I totally have a crush on Ray Vecchio. I have no real explanation for it, but I just do. He's just totally precious in every way. I adore it. And I can see to an extent why people would slash him with Fraser, but here's my thing: they're so good as friends. And I want for Fraser to be able to have friends with whom he doesn't have to be having sex; I want for him not to experience the world as a place where nobody likes him for him, but just likes him for his face and abs and glutes and body and whoa is he hot.


Sorry, I got lost there.

But at any rate: Rayv and Fraser are just so sweet as friends, and in some ways, Rayk I don't think is a good *friend* for Fraser. They're a great romantic pairing, because their neuroses match I think, more or less, but their interactions are so much more charged with need than the RayV and Fraser ones.

So that's my two cents on a very old issue. *laughs*


Lastly, I am feeling very loving today. *showers kisses upon fandom and tosses confetti over your heads*

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