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My Cup Runneth Over

You know how sometimes you see movies that manage to catch you at just the right moment in your life to have huge amounts of emotional impact even if, when viewed on any other day, they might be less effective? Yeah. So 'How to Deal' was a movie like that.

Now, objectively speaking? I can tell you that it's cute, it's funny and Mandy Moore is just a precious and should be pocket sized and kept in my purse along with Seth Green and that Trent Ford is a rock star and rather hot and that I heart Allison Janney. So, go see if you want to. *makes shooing gestures with hands* It's really better than I thought it would be. By a lot.

So, I saw it. And it made me weepy and really? If I were to not know me and read my livejournal I would just think that I was the most boring and depressed person ever, but I'm not. Really. Not too often, anyway. But, anyway. So me. Weepy. Made so by movie, and I came home and wanted to talk to someone about the huge amounts of nonsense that's going through my head and sit down and figure it out and try to just...work through all of the questions/ideas/thoughts/feelings the movie stirred up and I get home and my hallmate? Is pissed at me so I sit down for two seconds, get semi-bitched at and sort of run out of the room and I doubt I'll see her again until tommorow when she's bitchy again all day long at work. Yay.

In response to all of this I have decided that my only option is to row my boat merrily down the stream. So I'm going to go get a boat, and find a stream, and row down it and DAMMIT I'm going to be merry. Or something like that.

Maybe I'll try hunting down my muse instead. I have this sneaking feeling she's in Fiji....

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