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OMGNIFRAWTF!?!?!? (so mofongo)

So, I just got home from having an incredibly amazing and fabulous times with the lovely ladies of the slumber party, who are still kickin' it old style back at the hotel. Me? I'm a gimp, so I had to head home, and so serialkarma and I took the scenic tour across the GW bridge to get here.

*hides a little, from the derisive scorn of those who know my ability to get lost in a brown paper bag*

But, home I did manage to get, and so here am I and there you are, reading this. Everybody is OMGSOFUCKINGHOT, and don't let them tell you any different. *nods decisively* Now, I must ice myself and rest. And possibly write porn, in order to legitimize the possibility that I might be getting carpel-tunnel.

If I'm gonna have something wrong with my wrist, dammit, it's going to be for the right reasons. Like -- porn.
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