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SV FIC: Onan Honeymoon/Deny This Thrice NC-17

Title: Onan Honeymoon/Deny This Thrice
Rating: NC-17
Summary: I want perfection/ I'm real need/ I've seen attention/ See Through Me.
Notes: Inspired by slodwick and her mega-wowness in general (FIREANDICEOMIGODDED), thanks to svmadelyn and Hosebeast Master General fox1013 for read throughs, and Lyra for a hardcore beta as always.

Lex fucked both of them right here.

Helen, her hands twisting in the sheets, curls falling over her eyes as she looked back at him over her shoulder, lashes low and lips red. She’d arch her back, scream his name, toss her hair, and he’d pin her down. She liked being beneath him, she told him that, said, “I feel safe,” and then she –

But Desiree was the one who’d talked, who’d always wanted to talk in bed. She’d push him up against the headboard; straddle his thighs, her breasts high and soft against his chest, riding him, taming him. Talked the whole time as she fucked herself on him, saying, “Harder, fuck me harder.” She was ruthless with him, used him, his body, grabbed one of his hands and pulled it down to her clit as she threw her hair back and demanded he lick her breasts and he’d loved it, loved letting her take over, loved giving it up to her, loved her, loved her, loved her.

Loved her body, loved her legs, licked them up, and licked them down and Helen always wanted him to nip at her, bite a little. Desiree was the one who bit him, with sharp teeth, and Helen would have loved the way she bit, would have loved the way she’d press her teeth against Lex’s nipples. Helen would have arched into that, gasped a little, closed her eyes and clutched Desiree closer and yes, yes, Lex had loved it when Helen did that, when her hands curled around his head and pulled him toward her.

Helen’s hands would sweep over his back, cupping his ass, and she’d make him fist his own cock, rub the underside where Desiree got rough sometimes, when she dragged her teeth just enough to make him feel nervous but Helen never did that, no Helen wouldn’t do that.

Helen would look up at him, brush her lips against the tip, tease him slowly. Drive him crazy with not enough at all, then take him in, swallow him down. Desiree’d let him fuck her mouth, her hands clutching at his hips, green eyes and long fingers and red lips, full mouth sucking his cock, strong shoulders, long black lashes against pink cheeks and that low, rough voice, and –

Lex won’t think about him, can’t think about him because it’s dangerous, too dangerous and when Lex licked Helen’s clit she’d moan with her whole body, she’d buck like a wild thing. She’d throw her leg over his shoulder, dig her heel into him, her eyes closed. Helen always closed her eyes when she came, but Desiree liked to watch.

Liked to *be* watched, and she would have liked Helen’s long legs, Helen’s hot dark eyes, and Lex liked Helen’s legs, her trim hips, her dark curls, and Desiree would look so smug, so *hot* up against her. Desiree’s small hands spread out over Helen’s skin. Desiree’s eyes on him, green and hot, burning as she traced up and down Helen’s long pale neck with her tongue. And all that skin, that clear beautiful skin – just a little pink. Just enough to – and Desiree’d be talking, the whole time, she’d say, “Do you like this, Lex? This what you want? Want to watch me fuck her?”

Except Desiree wouldn’t care what he wanted, didn’t care what he wanted, only wanted to get off. Lex needs to get off, needs it badly, but Desiree would kiss Helen open mouthed, dirty, messy, and Helen would wrap herself around Desiree.

Helen’s mouth on Desiree’s breasts, Lex’s hand on his own cock, the three of them together on the bed Lex bought for them, bought for all of them – him and his two wives, his two wives together twined and writhing, pushing, humping, fucking. Calling his name the way they used to when they were wet and hot around him, so tight, and green eyes, wide hands, dark lashes all around here in this bed, curls and pale skin, a flat chest, strong chest, broad shoulders and Lex’s hand, all fucking, all screaming out loud.

All of them together, the press of Desiree’s nipples, the little flicks of Helen’s tongue oh and yes, yes, yes, that hand, that big hand, that rough hand, that low voice saying it over and over in his ear, begging him, saying, “Fuck me, Lex, fuck me,” red lips and white skin, hot eyes and God, fucking, fucking, fucking --- yes ---

Lex pants at the ceiling and rolls over, alone in his bridal bed.
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