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Wild Kingdom.

Observe the red eyed, enraged creature in the far corner. Her body is contorted, so as to protect her vulnerable hind leg, and her hands are tensed into claws. Her hair stands on end around her head, and her lips curl back from her snarl. She gnashes her teeth, and claws at the air, all the while growling.

That growl can carry for miles in dense jungle, so as to warn members of the creature's family group that she has entered the stage known as Berserker Rage or, Inability To Sleep Due to Unforeseen Caffeine Content In Painkillers. Evolutionarily this growling is beneficial to the species, as the Nifra Beast in this state is quite dangerous.

In fact, Nifra Beasts in this state have been known to go so far eating the faces of those who come into contact with her, or simply clawing them until she gets bored with the arterial spray. There is no sense, and little reasoning with this beast when she cannot sleep.

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