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I am a bit high strung, I admit this.

So, I'm basically in freak out non-stop mode now that it's November 2nd, that day of days. Really, whenever I think about the election in my head I start sounding like Winston Churchill -- "We will fight them on the beaches! We will challenge them in the streets! We will win Florida and Pennslyvania, dear God!" *shakes fist*

But. Yes. Ahem. I've moshed my absentee ballot home, and actually know that it's got there (which is a relief, now it's just up to Florida to do something constructive with it -- good luck, right?) so I've done all that I can do in the vein of actually useful things. Now I guess it's just me, a pack of cigarettes, half a bottle of rum, and quite a good deal of shrieking. It'll be fun to be around me, I can promise you that.

PS: I should not be allowed to look at this website, as looking at it and seeing projected votes (Kerry 262, Bush 261) is causing my wee Nif-heart to pitter and patter in a non-good way. I feel vaguely like what I should be doing to cope with how stressed about this election I am is either a) complete and total debauchery or b) writing Sam/Josh. Yeah, I know.


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