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It's amazing that I'm still alive.

Inspired by serialkarma's fridge thing, let me share with you things I currently own that can be consumed:

-- bay leaves
-- baker's chocolate
-- nutmeg
-- rum
-- cigarettes
-- gum (which, by the way, I will never consume as I accidentally bought the world's nastiest faux-fruit flavored crapola ever due to the fact that I am powerless in the face of packaging)
-- water

That's it. That's literally all I've got. And the water is kind of stretching it, as it comes out of the tap. It occurs to me that if I didn't have meal plan, I'd starve to death and die.

Sad times, man.

Anyway, I got my Yuletide assignment today. I'm so nervous about this challenge that I can't even remember why I felt like it would be a good idea, but it'll be cool. It'll work out. It'll be fine, fine, fine. I have confidence. Really, I do. I'm not just talking myself into confidence, I have it. Really. One with the confidence, that's me.

So I'ma go blow off my reading in favor of writing porn with pearl_o.

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