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11 November 2004 @ 04:04 am
Fuck April, man. November's the goddamned cruelest month, fo'sheezy.  
How long have you been awake? : We'll round up by fifteen minutes or so and call it 22 hours.
How long until you have to wake up again? : About...four hours. Four and half.
Problems with this scenario: I lack coffee filters.
That's your problem with four and a half hours of sleep?: It's the first one that jumps to mind, yeah. I've got cigarettes, though, so I should be fine. Hopefully.
Classes missed today: One.
Why?: Oh, you know. No real reason. Just fell asleep for a little while...RIGHT BEFORE CLASS. *facepalm*
You think the prof's on to you?: Oh, you know. Could be, as he WALKED RIGHT UP TO ME AND ASKED WHY I WASN'T IN CLASS TODAY!
Your response?: "I fell down."
You realized this was lame, right?: As I was saying it, my friend, as I was saying it. But I kept a straight face, and I stood by it as an answer, and I looked so resolute that he let it lie. Or maybe he just didn't care. Either way, it worked out fine for me.
Irony of the day: After using this excuse, I then promptly FELL DOWN.
Amount of reading you have to do before your class tomorrow: About three hundred pages.
Anything you need to write before class, too?: You bet your sweet ass.
What time is this class?: Oh, you know. ELEVEN.
Identify the fridge stench: Seriously, nothing truly mundane could smell that utterly rank, so I think that what's happened is that the Norse god Loki crawled into the freezer and died, but first cursed us with a perpetual reek.
Have steps been taken about this: No mere mortal can combat this smell. We need divine aid.
Did you just sign up for another challenge?: ...you know. Maybe.
You totally did, didn't you?: OmigodSHUTTUP! (yes)
You get that this is going to drive you crazy, right?: Maybe this time will be different, really. I mean, honest. It will be. I swear. *is already wincing in anticipation of deadline freakout*
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: Fu la sorte dell'armi-Aida-Perlea, Milanov, Bjorling, Barbieri, Warren, Christoff-Verdi Aida
pure FORESHADOWING: Clarknifra_idril on November 12th, 2004 05:48 am (UTC)
*laughs* I try?