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If I was beautiful like you

Somedays you just have to own the fact that you are, in fact, a total loser unfit for any kind of real responsibility whatsoever. You have to sleep through your class, wake up and realize that you still haven't written that one paper (despite the fact that you've written five million others!) and it definitely needed to be written years and years and years ago. And you don't have enough time, if you're going to actually hand it in when you're supposed to.

So then you have to own the fact that your schemes make Lucy Ricardo's look feasible (you contemplate setting something on fire in your room so as to make the firemarshals come out to your house and then decide the fall out from having the sprinklers turn on is just too much even if this plan does carry the potential upside of sexy firefighters come to put out your shoe fire, and so then you start trying to figure out if motor vehicle related problems are still passable excuses), but at the same time, what choice do you have? None. Not a one. So you just scheme and scheme and plan not to go to class, and then use that as a reason (a bad one) to go ahead and procrastinate *more* because you resent the fact that one late paper is still important after all that other work that's been killing you for weeks.

And yet, somehow, it is.

*sighs heavily* Whatever, man. Two tears in a bucket, motherfuckit. November is a syphalitic whore.

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