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19 November 2004 @ 02:40 pm
Friday, Friday.  
1. And Nifra spoke, and she said onto the people: Let there be memes. And there were. And they were more or less fine:

My journal is called "stewing in how goddamned hot i am". This is, I feel, self explantory.

The subtitle is "a fancy kind of lady" because, you know, I am.

My friends page is called "scallawags, wenches and fiends" because, well, you are and I love you all dearly for that.

My default user pic is from fox1013, and it's Miss Piggy and it says Drama Queen. She made it for me after I *coughDEMANDEDITendcough* told her a story about how earlier in the day I had thrown myself to the ground, and covered my eyes and proclaimed in a wavering voice that I was going to DIE, just EXPIRE, if somebody didn't fetch me a Kleenex.

My user name is -- well. Me, Lyra, a LOTR names generator. Also, I thought 'Nifra' was kind of cute. I like the sounds in it a lot. There's something endearing about the N and the I and the F. *grins* Ain't there?

2. And Nifra spoke again, and this time she said unto the people: Let there be reccs, not only from me, but from you as well my children.

Okay, this is going to be two parts. Part the first, I'ma recc y'all a little somethin' somethin', and then after that I want you guys to just recc me something. It doesn't matter what; it can be music or a book or a television show or a pairing or a fic or a cocktail or a brand of socks. Really. Just tell me something you enjoy, and why.

So, first off, I'm going to recc you some fic:

Fragmentary by guede_mazaka, King Arthur Arthur/Lancelot -- Lancelot gets written as a brat a whole hell of a lot of the time in this fandom, and again, I have underpinning issues with the source material for this fandom as a whole BUT -- I really really like this Lancelot. She gets into him beyond the surface difficulty that's presented in the movie, and shows you all that need that you see hinted at by Ioan Gruffudd's Lancelot. Also, hi, that Lancelot is hot. But at any rate, I really enjoyed this and I think that it's maybe my favorite KA movie inspired Lancelot so far.

You Pretty Things by Doyle, BtVS/AtS Fred/Dawn -- Fred's voice is very solid. Or, wait, when I say solid, I mean, she's got Fred down, but of course, it's Fred so she's all over the place. Anyway, it's post Shells, and it's crazy, and it's very, very good.

Now you all recc me something.
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Kim: boys for salesimplelyric on December 2nd, 2004 09:07 pm (UTC)
I'll give you four recs for the price of one, and because that price is free, you're getting a hell of a deal. *g*

"Confidence," by beth666ann, is a strong, very visual Smallville story with excellent characterization and detail. Beth Ann put a great deal of thought and effort into writing the piece, but she made it all come together seamlessly.

The Talk of the Town is a 1942 black-and-white film starring Cary Grant, Jean Arthur, and Ronald Colman. It's witty, entertaining, and makes a hell of a case for threesomes.

Dear First Love, by Zoé Valdés, and Bachelor Girl: The Secret History of Single Women in the Twentieth Century, by Betsy Israel, are two excellent books (the former, fiction, the latter, nonfiction), for reasons discussed briefly here.