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Upon returning home, I was shocked to discover utter and complete revulsion.

Oh my god, my house is made of filth.

The kitchen is like a death hole, filled with the reek of dying dead things and there is a huge spot of gross stickiness on the floor. I don't even care to speculate as to what this might be because of, all I know is that I can *see* clearly that something was spilled on the floor and that it sticks to the souls of my feet.

The refrigerator is -- it's like where bad smells go to decompose further. There are things in there that are developing ecosystems. Whole solar systems of disgusting, okay? Filth orbiting filth, stench orbiting stench -- I think there's some left over Chinese that has rings like Saturn and two moons.

It's clear that some people forgot that leaving for Thanksgiving doesn't mean that your food is going to leave, too. Or your dishes. Or your trash.

I'd clean it, but I have no soap or clorox or biohazard suit and I can't get to the nearest place to buy such things either. Instead, I'm just going to cower in my room spray perfume all over my things. My room, at least, only smells like stale smoke. This is something I can live with.

*weeps a little*

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