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Gross kitchen: A Haiku Cycle of Wrath and Revenge

To Those It May Concern (Housemates, Beware)

O! Food, how you rot!
The smell of you is icky
and quite powerful.

Ah, how I recall
the days of yore when people
would clean up their mess.

But, alas, those days
have passed us by, giving
way to so much yuck.

Now I have no choice.
I wax wroth; punishment must
be meted out, fools.

You have toyed with death.
I will rip out your wriggling
spleens, my doomed friends.

Yea, though I enjoy
your company there is
a price to be paid.

Your bones will be mine
when I murder you awfully
as retribution, natch.

*sigh* Haiku can only distract me for so long. Either I'll turn to sonnet now, or seek distracting porn.

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