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This is my new favorite way to procrastinate.

Okay, I had so much fun doing the search string poem, that I have gone and written several poems using only -- literally only- words from titles of my fics. Some of the poems less sense than others, but the challenge is forming anything just picking words out like a magpie. You'll get interesting results if you try it, trust me.

From the titles of Smallville fics:

A pale sunday comes:
tilted and hard from the mercy of the wind.
There is no quarter,
it leaves no will to bend.

Moonlight: never speak above a whisper.
You are bereft, you sleeper.
You are breathless as you are blind,
still in the whited forge.

Old lies are free -- clever
utterance in the rain.

You, Caliban:
break. Now, arise.
You want only epiphanies,
backlit by afternoons and lemons,
you formal wreck, you true distance.

Deny this context thrice; leave no change.


From the titles of due South fics:

Voices howl snow.
This is it: a kingdom of bridesmaids,
of songs, sad and patient. Nothing on the street.
Passers endure, always, and ice slowly waltzes.

You and I are.

Slowly, slowly -- night on the watershed.


From titles of one shot fandom fics:

Prelude: wind, sand, spring.

Like time, you have sense.
Like distance, you fit.
Come, love, rising unhidden and prophetic.

Face bender, picture this:
yellow voices, home.

Now, after ragnarok
these patient flies remember you
and nothing less.


And from the titles of The Score fics (you know, the 20 fics I wrote for my birthday last year like a maniac?!?!?):

Darlings, say sleep.
Say home.
Say something.

Say a novena, keeper of the grey future.
Gently cast the pretty portrait into the harbor,
in this shadowed time.

Young woman, waiting for the terminal meal;
imperfect, waiting to set asunder
this American word,
this story.

You, bound like a vampire, vow stasis.

Darlings -- say nothing.


Seriously, next I'm doing first and last lines. Somebody *stop* me. *grins*

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