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Confessions of Giselle (aka the artist formerly known as Nifra)

Sometimes, when you're so tired, you forget what it's like to not be tired. You reach a level of calm that is, in fact, zen-like. Everything is -- if not beautiful -- at least very pleasant. Even the way that your face is so cold you can feel your eyes water and your lips begin to chap.

Also, sometimes you forget if the way that you're acting is a normal way, or a crazy way. People have to point these things out to you. Take today, when I went to make coffee. I left the bag of coffee in the refrigerator and transported it teaspoon by teaspoon to the filter, instead of just shaking it in, like a human being. One of my housemates came into the kitchen, and seemed very concerned.

The saddest part is that I just now came to understand that concern.

Here a few other things that you should all know:

* Today, I dressed fashionably, wholly by accident.
* I have brought shame upon myself and my ancestors by handing in a terrible excuse for a project. I will rend my accidentally fashionable garments when I am in a less zen-state.
* My hand won't stop shaking. I believe caffeine may be involved in this.

But now is not the time for sussing out that which shakes my freezing hands. Now is the time for showers. Onward I shall forge, and yea, shall my body be cleansed.

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