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I give to you: nothing of importance.

Relevant Quote of the week: You work, and you live. That is all. You do not complain or laugh or do anything besides work. BtVS, "Anne"

It just struck me as so sadly, sadlly appropriate as an end of the semester quote. I feel like time *does* pass differently when I'm in the library -- as though a hundred years could pass in a couple of hours. It gives me the wiggins, also, the insomnia-gins. Somehow, that word just isn't as cute as the other one.

Weekends, though, are beautiful, beautiful things. They're -- a breath of fresh sleep. Which is nice. I like sleep. I speak of it in the most flowery and adoring of terms lately. "Oh, sleep, your dulcet voice beckons me forth into the opalescent dream land, where I may recline in slumber and have tranquility wash over my body in waves of cherished ecstasy."

You know. That kind of thing.

Also, here's a rant about girl power movies. Cut for inanity/potential boring ness: Also. Here's an issue that's been bothering me of late: are there simply no movies about female empowerment that don't involve the murder/torture/utter humiliation of a man?

Think about it: Foxfire, Fried Green Tomatoes, Boys on the Side... even 9 to 5 has what's basically man-torture and The First Wives' club is about a bunch of women finding power in being vindictive harpies.

This bothers me more than I can say; it just plays into the idea that women are intrinsically out of control. That we need guidance and repression or else we'll become menaces; same thing with being comfortable with sexuality in many cases. Take SV for example, though that's simply a horrific and awful example of anything having to do with positive portrayals of women. But, women we know have had sex are either madonnas or whores. Lois Lane is so far the only one who has yet to fit into either of those steroetypes, thank *God*, though she is a bit of a fiery virago.

But that's cool. I dig on viragos.

At any rate, I'm just mulling all of this over and feeling more and more and more uncomfortable with what's considered positive examples of female empowerment. The only one I can think of right now that leaves me feeling at all okay is A League of Their Own, which is -- well, they're defeated by history, essentially. Also, Gina Davis gives up everything for her husband at the end.

It's just something to chew on, in your brainy brains. Know that I'm going to be turning it over and over as well. I understand that in some ways the killing/torture of the male figure is just a metaphor for subverting the patriarchal norms or whatever, but seriously? I'd like to see a girls-only-empowerment-rah! without any kind of beating up on men. It'd be a hell of a lot healthier message to be sending -- you can be a woman, and you can be strong, and you can do it without descending into near orgiastic man-hate. You can, in fact, be a strong woman comfortable with your gender and sexuality without being malicious and hateful *to anyone*. *gasp*

It's a thing. I'm ranting.

Also, I need me a Scarlett O'Hara icon like whoa. In many ways, as a child, she was literally my role model. She was what I wanted to *be* -- her and Dana Scully.

They may not seem like compatable role models, but really? I think the combination of the two of them really informs a lot about me. It's strange, I know. Just throw in a lil' bit of Lucy Ricardo, and you've got yourself a Nif. *grins*
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