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Year of THE RIFT!!, Day One

First off, the less that's said of my New Year's Eve, the better. Any night that ends with me hiding in a bathroom and then calling my father to get him to call the house and invite me to breakfast at eight o'clock in the morning just so that I can get someone out of my house, is not a night that's for the best. Also, I may, apparently, have called some people.

I have no memory of this.

So, if you talked to me on the phone last night -- well, I'd tell you that everything I said wasn't serious, but I think you all probably know that pretty much always apply.

Secondly, I am still RIFTING with lyra_sena, in case you were wondering. My plots against her are multiplying in number, and variety. Very soon, *I* will rule all of Podtropolis! Muaahahhahahah! (<3!)

But yis. Welcome to 2005, everybody. Let's hope this year is better than the last, and when I say better than the last, what I really mean is "Let's hope this year Ioan Gruffudd decides he cannot live without me, and shows up at my dorm room with many roses and lovely jewelry, to make an honest woman of me."

I have no resolutions this year, and that's because I never have any resolutions. And if I do, I don't keep them. (Or really remember them.) So I'm cutting down on all that nasty disappointment with myself, and just -- not making any resolutions. I think it works out neatly.

But, yeah. It was nice to spend 2004 with y'all here in LJ-land, and I look forward to 2005 being even better. (As it must be, for soon I will control all of fandom with my iron fist of doom!!! Under my rule you will all write and art for ME ME ME!!)


It appears that this year will at the very least be more megalomaniacal than the last for me.

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