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04 January 2005 @ 08:25 pm
Today, on Things That Are of Some Concern To Nifra:  
I put on a ring this morning. I very rarely wear rings. I'm more about earings/bracelets, as a general rule. Anyway. So I put on this ring. It was a tiny bit snug, but really, not a deal in any way shape of form.

About an hour ago, I realized I couldn't get it off my finger, and since then, the trying has somehow made my finger bloat up so that the ring looks like the belt of a fat sherriff and my skin/finger are the beer-belly.

It hurts a little, but not that much. But the concern is that it's stuck on my finger and will not come off. I've tried ice, and soap, and just pulling, but it all hurt too much to continue. I've been assured by my parents that if I hold it over my head for a while the swelling will go down by tomorrow morning and then I can take it off and throw it far, far away from me.

Or, I can go somewhere to get it cut off my finger.

The situation with that, though, is that 1) it implies a level of over-weightness that I don't feel to great about, and I don't think is true at all, dammit! 2) i do like this ring, and would love to get it re-sized so I can wear it in future 3) how the hell is it at all possible to remove a ring without cutting skin? I have images of my finger being split open and it really freaks me out.

I have a problem with experiencing pain; namely that I don't like to do it.
Current Mood: worriedworried
sageness on January 5th, 2005 04:31 am (UTC)
My mom had her wedding ring cut off after twenty-five years. She couldn't get it off her finger, and Dad wanted to get her a new band for the anniversary...but she tried everything and her knuckle had simply become too large over the years. There was a little bit of give between the ring and the fleshy part of her finger below the knuckle, so Mom and Dad went out to the garage to his workbench and he got out the wire cutters. I don't mean the wire-cutter slot on a pair of needle-nose pliers. These things are a lot more like tin snips (which also bear a scary resemblance to surgical bone shears). Anyway, she slid the tip of the blade under the ring, Dad went *snip*, and the metal cut clean through. They bent the cut band back a little and it came right off. No damage to her finger at all. :D

You're not even going to have to do that, though. It'll come off in the shower as you wash your hair if it hasn't already. *g*