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Worst Orc Ever

Okay, Worst Orc Ever award goes the the pink faced catty-looking one with one-eye in Return of the King. This is not to say taht I don't think he's good at being an orc; you know, I guess he probably kills things as well as one might expect, and he certainly seems to enjoy being gross and weird and malevolent.

But, really, looking at him makes me shudder and make assorted noises of disgust. Then again, I don't really like the one with the hat that looks like the leaning tower of Pisa if the leaning tower of Pisa had a huge skull stuck to the top of it either.

Also, his voice kind of bothers me. It's very -- it's like that voice you do to scare small children, and it tickles the back of your throat. That may not make sense to anyone who is not me.

But yeah, man. Dear Cat-Pink-Orc-Face, I totally hate you, please die in a freak magma incident. No love, Me.

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