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Don't make me go to work...

It is seven thirty six in the morning and I've been awake for over an hour. This can only be taken as a sign of the apocalypse. No, I mean it.

Last night I went to a real live baseball game! Having been a Yankees fan for basically my whole life (I know what you're thinkign - 'A rabid Yankees fan in South Florida? Whattup with that, yo?' but let's just say that I was raised to it), going to a game is always the highlight of any summer I'm lucky enough to go. It's really the only sport that I follow, not being a huge football/hockey/cricket/rugby/soccer/polo/swimming/tennis/golf/what have you fan. Although I am looking into becoming a soccer fan - they're mad hardcore. ANYway - last night? Most fun I've ever had at a game. Seriously. This may have been because friends from school came with, or perhaps because all my sibs were there and now that I don't live at home anymore any time I get to spend with the midgets is good time, or maybe it was because Derek Jeter (marry me, please god *marry me*) hit a home run at his first at bat and another at his second. But all I know is that I had an *amazing* time. Also? I bought a new Yankees hat. And it's pink. I know, I *know* - that's not a real Yankees hat! But, seriously, I love it. It's ridiculously girly and yet not and very *very* pink, and I just...I want to wear it all the time. *claps hat onto head protectively*

My six year old cousin who was also is, apparently, a big fan of Andrew Jackson -- you know, the one who did the whole pet banks thing and gave smallpox blankets to the Native Americans? I"m still trying to figure that one out myself.

God. I don't want to go to work. *bangs head against desk* But to tide me over I have much coffee. *clings like addict, while sitting in comfy, comfy Ikea chair and then giggling over the chair's origin*

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