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A year in my first lines, Or Nifra, You are bugfuck crazy, kiddo.

Clearly the only possble explanation for that is that is an alien infestation or a Bermuda-triangle-esque warping of the fabric of time because you're one of the coolest damned people out there, my fellow Clark loving fiend. I say this every time I wake up early, but it's so true: the earlier I wake up, the more of a real human being I feel like. Today's random Nif-neural firing: The word 'cojones' is like visual onomonotopeia! Mmmhm, nothing quite like finding the click-clacking sound of fingers hitting keys all aruond soothing to make you think, "By God, George (and who the hell is this hypothetical George anyway?) perhaps I've been spending too much time in the library!" Uhm, can I just say, FUCK YEA! Smallville is basically formed on the idea of dueling pairs: of light twins and dark twins. The rejoicing may begin for I have returned from my long, amazingly kick ass vacation. When I am being friendly? I am not necessarily flirting. Reasons I'm ten seconds away from snapping and killing people with my hands. Lyra went totally overtime on this one. It says what it means or it gets the indoor plumbing again!!!!!!!!!!
I wrote today's (December 1st) entry in the SV Undermistletoe Challenge, moderated by On Top of Things Organizer svmadelyn.

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