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Here's a thought:

Do you all remember that thing from -- I guess last year? Where Person A selected a Person B from their f-list who Person A felt didn't know how much they were appreciated by Person A and then made a post about it?

I really liked that.

You guys want to do it again? Maybe, this time, with more than one person? I'm thinking, this Sunday, let's just do it. It would require no sign up whatsoever. Just pick people, then say nice things about them, and if you'd like, link back in the comments to this post to what you've posted, so that people can browse and find nice things about themselves. (I absolutely SUCK at organization, so this is me doing my very best to feel that role out.)

So, please feel free to link to this post, because honestly? The more the merrier. It's always really nice to be able to put a smile on somebody else's face, just by telling them how much you like them.

ETA: It occurs to me that it is, in fact, Sunday right now. I was really confused, as I tend to get when half asleep -- let's call it Tuesday for the whole big exchange of mutual appreciate and suchwhat? Although, really? Nobody should feel bound to not do it before then; appreciate everybody and anybody wherenever you want, my ducklings. Okay. Now I'm going to sleep for real, because keeping my eyes open is begining to be very, very hard.

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