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Why you always gotta be wastin' my flava?

1. I am not dead, though really, to look at me in the mirror you might think I was.

2. Am I the only one (other than my father) who says "Jesus H. Christ!" when I get upset? Because I say that a lot. And I definitely get The Eye for it.

3. Lo, I have seen the Nif-of-the-Future and she is attired almost wholly in melony colors. *eyes purchases askance* Man, I used to hate anything this color, but suddenly it's ALL I WANT. I wonder if my color preferences are really that affected by trends, or if I've just grown into melon. Like, you know, grown as a person, or something. Before I was too young for melon?

I'm reaching. I know this.

4. _harrietpotter needs your help, if you truck in soy sauce. And plus, she's wastin' my flava. Although, I guess she definitely gets the right to waste my flava, since she's known me since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. And not one of your mutant grasshoppers, the kind that hop from building to building all nambly pambly and destroy huge tracts of land and suchwhat. No, no, just the garden variety. Anyway -- if y'all have any Snape-centric fic recs (not neccesarily slash -- try to contain your shock), hurl them at her face with great velocity.

Or, you know, just give her a link. One or the other.

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