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I hope you're waiting for me, across your carpet of stars

I have decided that growing up is buying your own q-tips.

Now, I'm sure most of you out there are probably snickering at that, but here me out. I don't, like, literally mean q-tips (though, in my case, I do) but I mean -- there are things that everyone needs, not in a dire way or anything, but you need them. And they're small and ubiquitous and the kind of thing you don't think about until you realize that you'd really like a q-tip. And then you look all around for them, and naturally, if you're me, you don't have them.

Because you don't think about the fact that you may need them when you go to the grocery store. Sure, you buy hummus and crackers and a neat looking organic sunflower seed butter which may end up being gross, but who knows? And you get your make up, and your shampoo, and everything -- but not q-tips.

Q-tips are provided for you, usually. You're used to being able to walk into the bathroom and find a magic replenishment of the empty q-tip jar. Because that's one of those things that parents do for you: they buy the little mundane things you don't even realize you need.

Today, when I went shopping? I found myself in the health and beauty isle, staring lustfully at some lipstick that I knew I wasn't going to buy because, honestly, neat as that red looked on the model, it would just make me look like the brazen hussy I like to pretend I'm not, and reaching out for a box of bandaids, and a box of q-tips and then tossing them into my cart without any prompting other than the fact that I knew that someday, they would be useful to me.

This may not seem like much to anyone who lives outside of my brain. To me, however, it's a massive step forward.
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