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Luscious for Dessert.

Top Five Things That Are Not Okay Right This Very Second:

1. My socks are wet. I know we've all been through the discussion of why wet socks are, in fact, a judgment upon me, and a blight to my very soul, the bane of my existence, etc. I would just like to note that there is nothing - no, not anything - worse than the bunch and drag of wet socks against my bare cold feet as I pull them off. Also, I have no clean socks, so now I've just got wet and clammy cold feet.

2. I have to read every book ever in the next hour and a half. So an lj post was a definite neccesity.

3. I definitely just spilled ash all over my clean floor, and have no broom. Mainly, right now, all I can do is sort of stare at the little mountain formation of ash across the tile and sigh. I don't have the inner resources to deal with it right now.

4. Time has conspired against me to, you know, pass. To continue passing. I would like for it to stop, so that I can shower and nap and then progress onward witht he reading. Damn you, time! Damn you straight to hell!

5. I haven't any hot chocolate. Somehow the hot chocolate seems key to me. Snow=hot chocolate, right? Yeah, but not so much in my world, apparently. This is a small thing. I'm mainly just adding it to the list so that I can have five, as five is a much better list number.

Top Five Things That Are, Actually, Better Than Okay -- Nay, Even Grood:

1. slounger = shrift day! Go forth and partake of multi-fandom goodness for a multi-fandom goddess. Add to it! All shall be splendiferous!

2. rageprufrock is my pusher, and this goes straight to the vein, baby.

3. Remix Redux Tres! Brought to you by the lovely lady known as musesfool! She of the pokey stick, and mad organization skilz. I'm not sure which I fear more.

4. Don't you feel you need to procreate, right now? slodwick knows what makes my ovaries explode, and *how*.

5. My chicken corn chowder was delectable.

And now, my friends, I shally sally forth back into the breach, to learn wondrous things of wondrous times, and wondrous deeds. Oh, history classes, you do bring out the herald in me.

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