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Rant 3: The season of my discontent. A rant for vorsythia.

It started out *so good*. What Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I had together was something *special*. She was young, and flighty, and irresponsible and she made bad decisions and was just like anyone else -- except she saved the world alot. Which is somewhat different from remembering to bring your car to the carwash when it got dirty, but hey, a girl's got to take pride in something, right?

Then out of NOWHERE Spike had hair that looked like Ramen, Dawn started to make *sense* in a horrific way (sorry fox1013), the substance abuse metaphor with Willow and magic went HIDEOUSLY awry, and Buffy's tendency toward being kind of bitch exploded into her being basically psychotic, and Xander was only there sometimes. Also, there were like nine hundred people in Buffy's house, and suddenly? All I cared about was Andrew.

Because Andrew was being defeated by the funnel cake, and making a big white board map of Sunnydale, and wearing an apron and calling himself a "guestage" rather than a "hostage".

I knew from the first episode that something was maybe not the way it should be with Season 7. But I perservered, because I could see hints of what I used to love coming through -- and also, because Conversations With Dead People is one of the most RIDICULOUSLY upsetting episodes of Buffy ever, but in that good "That is some fucking scary shit, dude" kind of way. And there was that cute guy in it who was also a vampire, but I digress.

But, really, from the time when Buffy was offered a job as a counselor at the high school even though she hadn't even finished college? I knew things were going to go a way that I wasn't the world's biggest fan of.

The culmination of all of that seems to be the episode I watched today. Buffy's got all of the potential slayers living in her house because The First is killing them all one by one and stuff, and somehow Willow's new girlfriend is a drill sergeant-ish figure for the potentials, and is making them drop and give her twenty and calling them "maggot" etc. And then one of them is talked into killing herself by The First, and Buffy LOOSES HER SHIT.

Now, I know that people don't always respond well to tragedy, but you've gotta be with me on this one when I say: calling all of your friends losers and saying essentially that they deserve to kill themselves if they're afraid of the HUGE APOCALYPTIC evil coming to kill EVERYTHING, is going overboard. She *rips* into Willow and Spike particularly, and why?

Because Willow's afraid to use her magic, as it may take control of her again and cause her to, oh, I don't know, destroy the world as she tries to do at the end of season six? Or maybe Willow's uneasy because The First seems to be able to use her when she tries to tap into magic? Or it could even be because magic has been treated by the series as a drug/alcohol addiction, and she's trying to quit it?

None of this means anything to FreakingOUT!Buffy. No, no. All that seems to matter to her is that she's pissed off, and she's in a position to take it out on everybody around her because nobody's going to call her on anything because they either respect her too much, or love her too much.

So, then she turns on Spike. Spike, who got a soul for her. And tells him that she was better off when he didn't have a soul, because then he liked to kill things.

Why paint me purple and call me Sally, but I thought that was the problem with Spike before hand! I thought being a soul-less evil demon was a bad thing! How silly of me!

Anyway, the thing about this episode that is, to me, most emblematic of why season 7 of Buffy and I will never have a long and lasting relationship is this: Buffy's freak out has most to do with the fact that she doesn't think they're going to be able to beat the First. She thinks they don't have enough power, and makes several AWFUL speeches to this effect.

So she uses this weird magic mobile thing to be taken to the time of the First Slayer, and meet the people who created the First Slayer, and they offer her more power. Granted, the power comes from the heart of a demon or whatever -- but she *knows* that the Slayer power comes from demons in general, so I don't really get what her deal is. She totally goes bugfuck shithouse loco on them, tells them they're rapists, and beats them up.

Now, if you're really afraid that you're going to die because you don't have enough power? Why the hell would you turn some down? I mean, really? *WHY*? It just doesn't make any *kind* of sense.

Which is why that bugs me even *more* than her talking trash on the girl that killed herself, verbally crucifying Willow and Spike, and completely dismissing the existence of everyone else in the world. Yeah.

This rant could go on and on, but I fear it would lack even the coherence I've managed to maintain so far.


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