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My Last Will and Testament:

My immune system has been colonized by free radicals from planet death-illness-coughing-hacking-sick-place. I've gotten to the point where talking is nearly hilarious, but also painful. My head is a place of burning and death.

I may not survive if I'm forced to sneeze or move again.

And so, to you, my brethren, I leave the following things:

To slodwick I bequeath Micheal Rosenbaum, and his vintage t-shirts.
To lyra_sena, I bequeath Horatio Hornblower.
To tstar78, I bequeath Lex Luthor.
To seperis, I bequeath OMGTHEIRLOVEISSOSOCIOPATHIC! pairings.
To svmadelyn, I bequeath Starsk & Hutch and the blond man meat.
To pearl_o, I bequeath Girl!Fraser.
To ozymannedias, I bequeath a detention of Snapes.
To latxcvi, I bequeath Clark Kent.
To thamiris, I bequeath porn.
To musesfool, I bequeath Remus Lupin.
To rageprufrock, I bequeath icing on her face.
To norah, I bequeath Candide slash.
To estrella30, I bequeath Ray Kowalski's hands.
To brooklinegirl, I bequeath Ken Wahl and also Kevin Spacey, because yes. I have seen Wiseguy. And yes, I know whereof you speak.
To serialkarma, I bequeath Rasputin.
To fox1013, I bequeath Very Vampires and The Vampire Real World.
To hackthis, I bequeath Cillian Murphy.
To bexless, I bequeath African Sugar Daddy's love for Heathy.

Everything else, you guys can fight each other for. Excuse me while I go whimper for a while, and possibly die.
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