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Dear Eagles,

Why man? I mean -- like, for real? Why? That was the most painful, depressing two minutes ever at the end of the fourth quarter.

Terrell, you did good. Just -- try to not tell Donovan to relax, okay? He's the quarterback of a team during the superbowl and you were behind. What the fuck would posess you to tell him to relax?

Much weeping,



So as we were watching game my friends and I were struck by how hilarious it is that the players cup one another's helmets and stare deeply into one another's eyes after a good play. They're not even slashers, but we were all cracking up and making up dialogue for them as they caressed one another's faces lovingly.

Player1: "You've got the most beautiful running game in the NFL, my love."

Player2: "I'm captivated by your block tackles."

It was really entertaining.

Favorite commercial by far: the one with the cat, the knife, and the pasta sauce. That was awesome.

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