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John Galt lives.

1. By John Galt, I mean me, because yeah, I pretty much am that pretentious on a Sunday night as I lie in my beautiful room using my beautiful computer as it runs beautifully. I am alive. I live, I breathe, I parambulate.

2. I have seen all of Deadwood. I basically adore it. pearl_o, sweetie, all the canon het pairings that are interesting and fabulous that you could possibly want are in this show. Also, as my mouth is as filthy as the floor of the bathroom in Grand Central at 3:30 in the morning on a Saturday, I appreciate the fact that every other line of dialogue includes the phrase 'fucking cocksuckers'. At any rate. *loves Deadwood*

3. Laundry really shouldn't be as daunting a task as it is right now, should it?

4. I owe emails and comments and suchwhats. I will get to those sometime in the next couple of days -- *grins* as I'm notoriously bad with that kind of thing, I thought it'd be best for me to say No! No! I have not forgotten to write back! I've just been offline!

ETA: Okay, El Jay is being a fucking cocksucker now, because somehow weirdly it's doing a thing where it's mixing up the comments for my entries, and putting comments from an entry a week ago on this entry, and suchwhat. It's way fucked up, and I've got to tell you, it's messing with my worldview.
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