pure FORESHADOWING (nifra_idril) wrote,

Cold Turkey Sucks, Yo

I am in the library right now, on my lunch break. Why? Because instead of joining a twelve step group for internet addicts, I just plunged head first into the whole 'dependent on lj and aim' thing and am now shaking and sweating because I've been literally a *week* without my internet working.

Why, God, why?

But it's lead me to the conclusion that I am, without doubt, a spoiled brat. And you know what? I'm okay with that.

Things I'm Not Okay With:

1. Losing my cell phone charger (I *hate* looking for things)
2. Losing my ethernet (I think that speaks for itself)
3. Working alone (I'm on a tall ladder and I'm a clutz. What if I fall and break a leg? I'll have to lie there, all alone, until someone comes and finds me. Believe me, I've been over this scenario *so many times* in my head this morning that it's not even funny.)
4. Having to work this weekend. (Overtime pay = good. Working over time = bad.)
5. Mayonaisse. It's acceptable in chicken salad or flammable devices, but otherwise, no. Just. No. *delicate shudder*

So. Yes. I will be back online tonight, is what I'm being promised -- and trust me, as easy going and laid back as I can be, I have felt free to RAISE SOME HELL over this issue.

Rawrf. *pouts* But, hey, check it out even *with* my internet-less state I managed to get in on the action and finally write James' letters. So read them.


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