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It seems that my livejournal just isn't posting beyond my journal - which is weird, but you know, I guess basically fine unless it's LJ telling me, "Yo, Nifra, get yourself something interesting and insightful to say already!" Which, if so, LJ, you are a subtle cocksucker and I'm breaking up with you. Or, you know, putting you on a probationary period in our torrid love affair.

That's right, mister. You heard me. No more of your shenanigans. I deserve better!

It's begun to snow outside, and usually this would cause me to bitch and whine like nobody's business, what with snow being cold and wet and hanging around forever and potentially causing my socks to get wet at some point in the future. Which will then be cause for an apocalyptic rage on my part.

I had a beautiful dream last night. I was parasailing with my brother, and father, and living grandfather in a place that I somehow knew to be Hawaii, and after, we were going to go to Thailand. I was just kind of drifting slowly through the air, and I looked over and there was my little brother as he looked when he was about six and my father and my grandfather, and the air was warm and it held me up. When I looked down, there were miles and miles of salt flats, and I reached my hand down, and I was able to run my fingers through the rough grains of it. My father called my name and I looked over and it started to snow. Sweet little white flakes that weren't really cold at all, just perfect in the hot air, and my brother smiled and I drifted slowly down to the surface of the water below me and then I woke up.

I wish that today was as peaceful as that dream.

There are days I want to crawl out of my skin and hatch into something new and just start the day over, you know? Today is one of those days. I feel like I have to break something to bring out something new and different in the day, which is weird, because I'm not mad or anything, but I think it's a kind of weird "Destroy to create" impulse I'm having.

Maybe I just need a puppy. Or a plant. Or something. Hmm.

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