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I got kid gloves, baby. I got heart.

Goodness gracious, my uterus is attempting to make diamonds it's cramping so hard. And also I think there's a golf ball trying to push it's way out through my eye socket. Big fun in the Nifbody tonight, everybody.

Have dressed like a pirate today. Do not know why. Will seek counsel on this issue at later date.

I also finally brought myself to finish watching the Buffy S7 dvds -- I had this weird thing about finishing it, because I realized that suddenly all my Jossverse was going to be gone, as I'd finished Angel S5 and God, where do we go from here? Why is the path unclear? Anyway, I don't have much to say beyond 1) I find SMG's really visible absence from all the featurettes and the wrap party thing and all that really kind of funny. I don't know anything about the actor/whatever/politics of the show, but I just have to say I kept laughing about that. Everybody else made some kind of cameo somewhere. 2) I wish Anya and Andrew had had more scenes together.

Rec for the night: Surrogate by untappedbeauty (Friday Night Lights, Don/Mike, R) - My love for Mike Winchell is as the the crashing of an ocean wave against a sandy shore -- overpowering, and filled with fish. Well, maybe not the fish thing. But anyway, I love me some Mike, and she writes him *beautifully*, and her Don is fantastic, too, and this story has that feel to it that I so adore about FNL -- you know, the kind of gritty half hope half sorrow thing. I love it. Go, read.

And for those of you who haven't seen Friday Night Lights, I say to thee again: Get thee hence and watch it! Yea, verily.

Tonight's goal is to answer comments and emails, but somehow I think tonight's reality is going to be me, fetal, on my bed and possibly reading an eighteenth century novel. Riveting, yes?

Lastly, today is Self Injury Awareness Day.

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