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The groove is in your moves

There's a certain something about waking up in the morning and taking a a quizilla quiz, first thing. I mean, I can't lie and say I didn't always suspect that deep beneath my human, collegiate exterior there lay the beating heart of an alcoholic My Little Pony, but it's best to have these things confirmed by quizilla as fast as possible. That way you know how you stand.

In other news: I think I've lost the ability to sleep in. This, my friends, is a tragic and heinous fact that I can not yet really wrap my brain around. It is Sunday, is it not? And yet, here I am -- at ten in the morning, fully dressed and awake for several hours. I've even done dishes.

Dear Sweet Lord in Heaven, who am I becoming?

And of course, the answer is "The productive person you've always wanted to be", but when I wanted to *be* productive I more just wanted to *feel* productive and not really produce anything.

This is the fatal flaw in my logic, as a general rule.

Anyway, let us not concern ourselves with such petty trifles. The day is young, and my hair has decided to be somewhat curly today. Clearly, wondrous things must be afoot.

I've lately been thinking about how nice it is that I'm not an actor. No, hear me out. I did a lot of acting and suchwhat in high school and before then, and there was a long period of time in which I felt as though acting was my higher calling. However, the more I think about it, the less that's really true. At all. Acting is not any calling of mine, high or low. I know this because I went to go see a play last night, and as much as I thoroughly enjoyed it, I also realized that if I had been given some of those lines to say I would really never have been able to do it with a straight face.

Then there's the pretending the audience isn't there thing, which I know I'd be awful at. I think I could predict my on-stage debut as going somewhat like this: Lights go up, curtains draw apart, I walk out on stage and -- squint into the dim and then make a comment on someone's jacket. Or just pull a Willow and run off stage as fast as I possibly can.

So it's nice I chose at some point in the past not to pursue acting. Go team me!

Here's another thing: I don't think my LJ is posting my posts anywhere but to my journal again. And, plus, the whole random assigning of comments that belonged to an earlier post to new posts things seems to be going hand in hand with make the earlier post disappear. This troubles me somewhat. Does anybody have any idea on how to fix it or what might be causing it? I would dearly love to know.

Now I have to go read every book ever in the world. Ahh, homework. I don't love the smell of you in the morning. It's nothing like victory.
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