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Oh, frustration.

I am, as they say, blocked. Blocked like you can't even imagine. I -- I try to write, and all that comes out are things that read as more academic than even my papers. I literally just wrote a paragraph that included the phrases "love object" and "vis a vis" and "furthermore".

I have lost my mojo.

This is highly problematic. Perhaps fortunate, given the fact that despite my all-consuming desire to write fiction I have to do ridiculous amounts of school work before I can even begin to contemplate fic in good conscience, but honestly? Has that ever stopped me before?

No. It hasn't. The only thing stopping me now is that I -- can't write. Anymore. Mojo? Lost. Muse? On vacation. Sentence structure? So very un-okay I can't even talk about it.

It seems like I've used up all my words. All I've got left are 'pale' 'white' and 'silver'. Possibly also 'shell'. That does not even a sentence make.

I want to write something nuanced and emotional and beautiful and meaningful and all I've got seems to be nothing. This does not bode well. For, you know, anything.

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