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Heart-Stricken Moose

Beau Felton is on VH1 celebrity fitness camp and Mike Kellerman is a scheming and devious attorney on Judging Amy. The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Last night I spoke with a woman who decided it was time to share her paranoid view on alcoholics with me; I'm telling you, she talked about alcoholics as though they were clones or cyborgs or Russian spies during the Cold War Era. "They could be anywhere, at any time!" she told me, eyes huge as she scanned the room for possible alcoholics. "You never know!" As though somehow she would be infected by standing too close -- "It's not catching if you're not related," I wanted to tell her, but somehow her crazy vibe made me too uncomfortable to do much other than smile and nod and edge ever so slowly away from her.

A big "All Hail" goes to musesfool for organizing the We invented the Remix...Redux III: Reloaded challenge! She is, just as she tells you, a GOLDEN GOD. Seriously, y'all, hie thee hither and enjoy the bountiful and beauteous fic provided by amazing authers in many many fandoms.

INCLUDING THE FIC FOR ME!!!! *abandons all pretense of serenity* due South, Five Sequences of Dreaming and Waking (The Widen Your Screen Remix) is MINE ALL MINE!!!

This fic, you guys -- it's bloody brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. The author took a story of mine that I always wish I'd been able to make work on paper as well as it did in my head, and it's like s/he could see the feeling I wanted and -- oh, s/he's way smarter than me is basically what it comes down to, and this story is simply gorgeous. My Remixer knows Benton Fraser incredibly well, and just channels it, and you all know I've got a fondness for dreamscape stories -- well. My remixer NAILED Benton Fraser's dream scape right on the head, and managed to weave the hopeful feeling that due South gives you, at it's best, with the mystery and almost weary quality of Dream from Gaiman's Sandman series.

This is a crossover done the way crossovers should be, with seemingly effortless melding of the two canons. Beautiful writing, and it's FOR ME! Go read now. And give feedback. Fawn, and fall all over yourselves with love. The remixer totally deserves it.

Other Remixes I Have Loved So Far (The Smaller Fandom Boogie):

Like Frost Unto Dew (The Circadian Remix) - Beauty and the Beast, the Disney movie, SHUT UP, OKAY? Stop your snickering in the cheap seats, becuase this is a really lovely story. It's sad and slow and easy, and believable.

Part of the Equation (The Adding it All Up Remix) - Chicago, Velma Kelley/Mama Morton, because y'all. Mama was hot. And if you're good to Mama...

Boys and Girls (the Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf Remix) - Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley Oh there are no words for how delightful this is. It's charming to the max, and Aziraphale could not be more...Aziraphaley if he tried. Just fab-tastic.

Triangulation (Pythagorean Overdub) - The Persian Boy, Hephaistion/Alexander, Bagoas/Alexander, I'm a total Hephaistion lovin' lady. Bagoas is, to me, A Perpetually Shirtless Androgynous Manbitch Sex Slave Boy Person. The prose here is really gorgeous, and the remixer here makes me feel for Bagoas in a way that I hadn't known I could. There's a vague ache in the chestal region for him. Then again, there's a corresponding and way larger one for Hephaistion and a desire to shake Alexander, but these things, they are par for the course. But really, this is a gorgeous story.

Mazel Tov (The Tongue-Tied Mix) - West Wing, CJ, And boy oh boy, do I ever have a big ol' love-on for this CJ. The last little bit's a real killer.

More remixes to follow. My reading strategy has been "Start small, and work your way up to longer lists of stories, and then read them all and cut off their heads, for there can be only --"

That went somewhere unexpected, didn't it?

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