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Remix Revealed!

Oh my goodness Ekaterinne Duval, you have my eternal love and devotion because the Remix you wrote for me just blows me out of the water every time I re-read it! *bounces with utter glee* It's SO GOOD.

Me, I wrote in two fandoms that really, I wouldn't have expected of me.

For sathinks, Good Will Hunting, NC-17 Shelf Life (The Go West Young Man Two Step.
Summary: Chuckie's glass. Will's a goddamned diamond.
Original Story: Warning Label

For kurukami, Firefly, G, Nested Like Dolls (Under Your Skin Recitative).
Summary: All pregnant people are Two people.
Original Story: A New World.

I will, probably at some point, post a ridiculously long nattering on what it was like to write the Good Will Hunting fic, but for now I'd just like to say a huge thank you goes out to celli and lyra_sena and seperis for beta and encouragement and keeping me from hurling myself off a cliff while writing it.

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