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I repudiate this shit, man.

Hours to deadline: 1 and 1/2.
Pages written: I had two out of six done, but then I accidentally pulled the cord out of my computer, and it shut down, leaving me like, a topic sentence.
Feelings on topic: Oh, blow me with your counter-historical crap. Honestly. Who cares what something may or may not have been like -- historical events have happened that's what makes them history. I mean, really. Sure it's fine to shoot the breeze and say "Oh, well if Germany had won WWI maybe the US would have become little better than a third world country because the Great Depression would have dragged on and on and maybe there never would have been a Holocaust because the Adolf Hitler would have been little better than a bigoted foot note." But don't make me write a paper about this crap. There's no way to know what could have happened because it didn't happen and maybe this seems like a weird stance for a fic writer to be taking, but quite honestly? History and fiction are two seperate issues and should remain as such.
Amount of time I've wasted writing this post instead of writing fiendishly on paper: Far too much. Far, far too much.
Panic level: moderate to high.

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