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20 August 2003 @ 11:37 pm
I have a new and beautiful icon. Look at it! See it shine and sparkle? Yeah, because lyra_sena made it for me! *G* Oooh, the happy I derive from that is totally never ending.

So, yeah, weird thing: I thought that the last part of chapter six of ADS had been cut off, but apparently when I first posted the chapter it hadn't been cut off, and really it's all very confusing and pretty much boils down to the fact that I did not need to repost. Oh well, I did anyway. And rivkat gave me some food for thought, so you know, all is well in Mudville. Or something.

I've been watching *sooo* much Buffy lately, and may I just say the following? Xander Harris, you are amazing. I love him - and it's more than really liking in, I really love the character. He's just so....incredibly human. We all know a Xander, or a Xander-esque creature. It's ...Xander's probably my favorite part of BtVS. But you know what? Every time I say that, Giles pops up in my head and is all "Don't you love me?" and, naturally, yes, I do. And then Willow gets hurt and pouty, and I have to assure her that yes, I love her too. And Oz for that matter, and Spike...yadda yadda yadda. You get the drift. What I find most interesting about that show, though, is the way Joss would pick up characters that already existed and weave them into plot lines. On shows like, oh, say The X-Files, this was not so much the case. So, sometimes it strikes me and I just want plant a kiss on his big old Joss forehead.

So I am *completely* physically exhausted these days, but, happily the job will soon end and the school year will begin and *yay* for that. I'm really excited about classes this semester - fiction workshop, ahoy, yo. But this does not mean I will be neglecting my fic. Oh, no. I think Lyra would probably beat me with a nerf bat or something if I did that. Very lightly, and with a great deal of affection, but still. Beating would occur. And, you know what? I think my internal Clark would just...pout at me something awful, if I were to do that. Not that he would admit to pouting. Nope, no sirree.
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Siobhan: Nummy Treatsiobhan_w on August 21st, 2003 04:11 am (UTC)
Xander is so my boy. He's the reason I watched the show when sometimes I wasn't feeling the Buffy!Love. He's the only one that can tempt me to read any fic, regardless of who he is paired with, as long as he's done well. The only time I cried during S7 was when he was hurt.


I love Xander!