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I have a new and beautiful icon. Look at it! See it shine and sparkle? Yeah, because lyra_sena made it for me! *G* Oooh, the happy I derive from that is totally never ending.

So, yeah, weird thing: I thought that the last part of chapter six of ADS had been cut off, but apparently when I first posted the chapter it hadn't been cut off, and really it's all very confusing and pretty much boils down to the fact that I did not need to repost. Oh well, I did anyway. And rivkat gave me some food for thought, so you know, all is well in Mudville. Or something.

I've been watching *sooo* much Buffy lately, and may I just say the following? Xander Harris, you are amazing. I love him - and it's more than really liking in, I really love the character. He's just so....incredibly human. We all know a Xander, or a Xander-esque creature. It's ...Xander's probably my favorite part of BtVS. But you know what? Every time I say that, Giles pops up in my head and is all "Don't you love me?" and, naturally, yes, I do. And then Willow gets hurt and pouty, and I have to assure her that yes, I love her too. And Oz for that matter, and Spike...yadda yadda yadda. You get the drift. What I find most interesting about that show, though, is the way Joss would pick up characters that already existed and weave them into plot lines. On shows like, oh, say The X-Files, this was not so much the case. So, sometimes it strikes me and I just want plant a kiss on his big old Joss forehead.

So I am *completely* physically exhausted these days, but, happily the job will soon end and the school year will begin and *yay* for that. I'm really excited about classes this semester - fiction workshop, ahoy, yo. But this does not mean I will be neglecting my fic. Oh, no. I think Lyra would probably beat me with a nerf bat or something if I did that. Very lightly, and with a great deal of affection, but still. Beating would occur. And, you know what? I think my internal Clark would just...pout at me something awful, if I were to do that. Not that he would admit to pouting. Nope, no sirree.

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