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Allnighter part 2

Pages written: Many. But not enough. God, never enough!
Huge revisions left to be done: At least two.
Knowledge of subject matter: Apparently, sketchier in places than I had thought.
Needs: Warmth, food, sleep, food, cigarettes, sleep, food, sleep, food, cigarettes, sleep, food....you get the idea.
Ability to meet any of those needs: Food is out, cigarettes are out, and can't seem to get warm. Don't even go there with sleep.
Amount of coffee consumed: God it feels like I've had had nine hundredy billion million cups of coffee.
Eyes: Wide and staring.
Stomach: Rolling over and over, alternately telling me I'm nauseaus and that I want food.
Hours until class: Five.
Panic level: Defcon Seven.

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